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what do you think the avengers favorite ice cream flavors would be?

oh my gosh ummmm

tony would say he likes a specific flavor from a really expensive specialty place but really he just loves vanilla. any brand. it reminds him of when he was a kid and he and his mother would have dessert together and if he had had a particularly bad day, she would put an extra scoop in his bowl with a little whipped cream (and she’d always put a dollop on his nose that’d he’d try to lick off, making them both fall into a fit of giggles).

steve loves it all. he’s like a vacuum cleaner when it comes to ice cream. he can’t pick out one flavor as his favorite and he’s one of those people who will try all those weird-ass combinations you see advertised and love every bite. it’s become a thing with tony whenever he’s off doing business in another place to visit local shops and look for the strangest flavor he can find to shove in steve’s freezer as a surprise. except for mint chocolate chip. he has a weird disdain for mint chocolate chip.

bruce likes frozen custard. chocolate, specifically.

clint will only eat cookies and cream. he will scorn all other flavors, even if those are the only ones available. it’s cookies and cream or nothing.

natasha likes cookie dough but sometimes she’ll steal clint’s cookies and cream.

thor is a big, big fan of ben and jerry’s americone dream but if it’s not available he’s all about rocky road