W0lfys chest binder give away!!

Hey guys, im doing a binder give away because i am so glad i have you guys in my life, so here’s a lil thing for my non binary/trans guys that follow me!! 

i’ll be giving away 2 of THESE binders !!


-US only (sorry!!)

-please don’t enter if you only intend on using the binder for cosplay

-you DONT have to be following me

-must be comfortable with giving me your address

when i pick the winners, you’ll be able to choose what size you want!

but yeah, if you just see this come up on your dash, im an artist and activist for the LGBT community and i make a lot of art based on situations trans, non binary and other non gender “conforming” people go through!


art page



sou and mako in a scene together + sou and mako talking + mako smiling at sou + sou doing rin’s little neck gesture ( are you embarrassmed right now, sou? because the love of your life has appeared before you?) + sou and mako already addressing each other by their first names = I AM DEAD

So the lovely monroe-mcbraids gave me a fantastic idea! 

I will be going to the FCKC vs Dash game in July and I know that appreciation for the lovely Ella Masar is at an all time high, so if you want me to be a messenger typer of person for some of you not in the states, or somewhere where you can’t get to an NWSL game I would be glad to do so. I am going to kind of limit stuff though, I don’t want a bunch of like packages to give to her or anything so if you come off anon I’ll give you my address if you want to give her a hand written letter or something small (bracelet for example), my email if you want to type something up, or if you don’t want to come off anon, you can just message me with your name, or a nick name or initials or something with a message, or without a message and I’ll put them in some sort of list type situation to give to her saying these are people you have impacted. 

My ask is always open if you have questions or ideas about how I can do this other then handing her a bunch of letters and stuff,  but this is 100% something that I want to do so make sure you let me know!! 

The game is July 15th so to make sure I have everything by then I’m giving you all until June 15th to get stuff in! :) 

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I am so glad more pagans are addressing cultural appropriation. I grew up with Wiccans and I was so uncomfortable with somethings and that is the main reason i don't follow the wiccan religion - so I am so very happy to see other pagan people talk about it, especially when cultural appropriation is so easily done. so thank you!

No problem, anon

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So I've noticed the recent change of pronouns. I think thats awesome, and Im glad you're comfortable with it. Do you intend on getting a sex change? Its okay if you do not wish to talk about it, but I find it fascinating and I am genuinely curious.

This is never an okay question to ask a trans person. 


With that said, if you are interested in understanding transgender people and being an ally I would suggest research. Google is your friend.

Here’s a website with some basic terms, also addressing terms to avoid like “sex change”. The same website with “tips for allies”.

Instead of asking questions like these to an individual, which can be harmful, look for stories and posts from trans people. They have already shared this information in a public space and can provide perspective.

I don’t ask you about your genitals. Please don’t ask about mine. 

This is what a white boy sent to my co worker after he decided not to buy a motorcycle from him. The thing is so stupid that he would turn the transaction into a racial rant because my co worker didn’t want to buy the motorcycle.

I personally have not ever dealt with the type of language from a white person but I am glad that it was him and me. I have too much of a bad attitude for this shit to happen to me.

And especially since he had this fool’s address….😉

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25 28 39

25:Do you think Destiel will become canon in season 9? (Regardless of whether you want it to or not)
well we’re in season 10 now so…
but no, i don’t think destiel will ever become canon. if it does happen please send an ambulance to my address immediately afterwards

28:What’s your opinion on Sabriel?
it’s that ship that i don’t know where it came from, but i’m so glad it’s there 

39:Which actor would you most like to meet in real life?

Supernatural Ask Game

Pride and Prejudice: Forms of Address by Hananobira

Rec by fire_juggler

Fandom: Pride and Prejudice
Characters/Pairing: Elizabeth Bennet/Fitzwilliam Darcy
Rating: General Audiences
Content Notes: none
Length: 00:06:50
Performer Links: Hananobira @AO3 | @Audiofic Archive
Author: hl (hele)
Cover Artist: Hananobira
Summary: Short Pride and Prejudice interstitial fluff.

Reccer Notes: I picked this podfic up on a whim.  I’ve always been fond of Pride and Prejudice and am always attracted to Hananobira’s performances.  I am so very glad I did, because this podfic is just absolutely enchanting.  Hananobira’s clear, crisp, and precise diction is perfectly suited the conversation between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth and perfectly captures this amazing awkward fondness between the two of them.  The whole thing is just very warm and sweet and is so beautifully in line with all my feelings about the canon.  It’s short, just over 6 minutes, and it was one of those podfics that had me smiling foolishly in my work cube and listening immediately again, just to make sure I hadn’t missed anything.

Fanwork Link(s): Forms of Address @AO3 | @Audiofic Archive

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Ok also I am so glad to meet other people who love sassy remus because obviously he was a grade a sassmaster Also: when Remus and Sirius are like hiding out together, they start pranking each other in like tiny ways (moving stuff around etc) because it's easier than feelings talks and then it escalates v quickly Sirius totally finds snapes address and subscribes him to a million magazines after PoA which is way oldschool but he would do it definitely.

ok yes

they would be in a full on prank war

and it would totally escalate into like Remus turning Sirius hair bright green and Sirius giving Remus uncontrollable hiccups and the prank war gets so out of hand Remus recruits Lily and Sirius recruits James and the war goes on for ever and then there’s just peter hiding in the corner scared for his life 

so apparently the “No Caller ID” call I got yesterday was FedEx…

and they called again and boy am i glad i picked it up.

they were confirming address, which was correct.

the guy didn’t know why the delivery guy couldn’t deliver it since the address was right.

so i just drove across town and picked it up.

i won’t order from Play-Asia again though.

I don’t like how they packaged it and how roughed up the corners of my box are. so meh.

"The Healthy Working Families Act would require businesses with 10 or more employees to offer up to a week of earned paid sick leave."

I am so glad they’re finally addressing this. Making employees who are ill come into work (ESPECIALLY in food service) or not giving them the option to call out is irresponsible.

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This blog gives me so much joy. So many blogs run by people with serious mental illness center around politics and "we're so oppressed!!!!" Type of arguments. They're so aggressive, and it makes me feel so alone because I don't want to compete over who's more oppressed, I just want to feel supported and understood. This blog gives that to me. You are so kind and supportive, you don't make me feel isolated. Keep doing what you're doing <3

I am so, so glad to hear that! I’ve got a huge grin on my face from reading your message. I have seen a lot of issues regarding mental illness that I believe badly need to be addressed, but you’re definitely right—it’s not a contest. And I really wanted the main focus of my blog to be about support (well, that and my own musings—it is my personal blog as well), so I’m glad you’ve been able to get that out of it! :)

You’re definitely not alone, but if you ever feel like you are, you’re always welcome to send in a message. :)

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what the fuck? that sounds horrible to be honest, but i am glad it's over!! how long did you suffer from it? i am sorry i'm just curious and i really think you're a strong person :)

started when i was in my first highschool year so back in 2007/2008 

think the last time was sept. 2012 at my birthday, i then deleted my email addresses (because that was his last option and he made use of that)

and i did hear stuff afterwards but as long as i don’t have to see or hear him i’m fine

but i know that if i ever see him again i will fucking choke him to death

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Christian doesn't want Ana to touch him w/o permission because he has scars all over his chest. He was abused as a child and is uncomfortable when ppl touch him. I believe he desires a D/s relationship with Ana more than a BDSM one. When Ana accuses him of being a sadist he says he's a dominant. Just like Ana had limits, so did Christian. Sure, he's selfish but he was never meant to be a perfect Dom and never becomes one. For the remainder of the series Ana continues to fight against Christian's

I’m figuring there’s more to come with this, but to address what’s here. A) SPOILERS! I haven’t got far enough to know about the scars yet. B) I still think the contract is written super one-sided although I am glad to have reached a part where Ana is just like…uh, hold up, this is supposed to be for BOTH of us, not just you. I appreciate your input, though, Anon.

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Thank you for the ice cube trick, it helps the urges go away. I've been struggling with anxiety (which is why I first turned to SH) but now those issues are mostly resolved. However, I still feel like I want to hurt myself and I don't know why because my anxiety is basically gone. Will the negative voices ever be completely gone?

I’m glad the ice cube trick helps, because I’d much rather you do that than hurt yourself. <3 I am sorry that the negative thoughts are still there, though. :( If you’re having urges to self harm despite the anxiety being gone, I think it’s something that would be better to discuss with your therapist (if you have one. If not, self-reflection could help). It may be that the urges are still there because there’s something else going on that hasn’t been addressed yet, so it’s important to really assess what’s going on for you emotionally right now. But the urges could also just be out of habit, and I think that’s the sort of thing that will fade over time. So like I said, it’s something to think about/discuss with your therapist!

As far as whether or not the negative voices will ever be gone, I cannot make any promises - but I can say that I personally believe it is possible to get to that place. I think it takes a lot of time, a lot of hard work, and a lot of refusing to give into the urges when they come up now, but I really do believe with all my heart that it’s possible to fully recover. Maybe not to the point where the thoughts never ever come up again, but at least to the point where when they do come up, you can just acknowledge what they are and let them go without having any real desire to act on them. I also believe that getting there takes a lot more than just physically not cutting - it takes getting to the root of the problem, and facing the difficult beliefs, emotions or any other issues that led you to self harm in the first place. It takes truly learning to love and accept yourself the way you are, because you would never harm a person you love wholeheartedly. I haven’t reached that point yet myself, but I like to think that someday, I will. And I don’t doubt that it’s possible for you to get there, too. :) 

So this happened apparently:
Sims is probably my only favorite comic journalist I know of because well, I only dabble with comic books so this makes me queasy and sad.
I am glad he apologized but people don’t think it’s enough. That and apparently this Valerie person got two female comic writers fired from marvel? What is her story?
It seems to be an emotional mess all around. And I don’t mean that in a dismissive pajorative sense.
I deleted links on my phone this columns until this gets fully resolved if that’s anything

Spring Break - 3/20/15

We aren’t required to post anything during Spring Break however I did some work this week with Miranda and figured it was better to include it than to not.

I went in this past week on Wednesday to work in the Media Studies office with Lydia (since I’m her student assistant and I am working as many hours as I can $$).  While I completed the tasks I needed to fairly quickly, Miranda happened to come into the office. Seeing that I was finished with Lydia’s tasks, I switched over to my KUSF job and started to help Miranda with some prep work for the next Rock N Swap [April 19, 2015 ;) ] by addressing letters as well as stuffing them with sign up forms.  This took a little while and wasn’t extremely challenging or thought-provoking, but it did help Miranda out a lot which makes me feel satisfied.  I told her that I am here to help out however she needs so I’m glad that I can actually make a difference by doing so.

After we stuff around one hundred letters, she has me go some scans for her.  They are photos from a disposable camera that lives in the DJ booth of KUSF.  The DJs are encouraged to take photos on the camera and Miranda has them printed then put online.  This is where I come in!  I scan around sixteen photos and edit them so they are clean and upright in addition to being sorted, labeled nicely, and stored in a folder on the desktop.  When I go back into the KUSF office, I’ll be uploading them to the KUSF website.

One project I’m still working on are the DJ bios for the station’s website.  I sent out an email before break asking for DJ bios and got a fair amount of responses (well there were only about five out of fifty…).  I’m going to send out another email on Monday gently urging people to send in their bios and updates.  I was playing around with the ones I got sent and have them updated online now.  They can be seen at http://www.usfca.edu/kusf/djs/ .

HOURS: 4 hrs 15 min