i actually kind of feel bad for the kid

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vriska saying she never believed the dave=lord english prophecy makes me think she'll get after the final boss herself so she can be the hero.. i dont really think dave will be the one to take down le either but that seems like a very vriska thing to do

Bubble Vriska was trying for a while, after all! She was looking for the weapon/juju because she thought she could use it to take him out. Knowing what we know now, of course, her statement that it’s supposed to ‘activate’ when you bring it close to him probably means that it’s going to spit out the Beta kids clown car style, maybe even powered up. I dunno. Which would be kind of hilarious actually. Vriska saves the day… not by doing anything particularly awesome herself, but just by siccing the other characters on the bad guy.

But yeah I feel like this Vriska’s secret plan has got to be SOMETHING along the lines of ‘I’m going to go right to the source and take out the big bad because I am the ultim8 gamer’ and it is probably going to go horribly wrong so brace yourselves. 

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I knew the myth first and then the comics, anyway I agree so fiercely about Loki and his kids and what he’s ben thorough omg so many feels (thismayalsobewhyiDONTfindthehorsejokefunnylikeATALL)

-high five for myth-reader- 

[Actually yeah, when you know the full story it’s kind of ohgodnonotfunny. I’m kind of a horrible person for making a few horse jokes, myself.]

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I hope you talked to them about fanfiction

THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN A VERY GOOD IDEA *makes note for the next time some random kid decides to call me in the middle of a nap*


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“When I was in like 3rd grade I was in a remedial math program where…”

ps if i ever meet you ill totally throw chocolate at you just for existing

Awww, captainsassy. Yes, if we ever meet you should definitely throw chocolate at me that’s a good first impression.

It was like a special program because I did really badly academically when I was a little kid. I was held back in 2nd grade. I think my actual 3rd grade teacher use to make us write cursive on the board and she’d critique us openly about it. She would ask everyone a multiplication problem before we could enter the classroom, and I never answered fast enough so I’d always have to go to the back of the line and try again. She made me feel kind of bad about myself honestly. I kind of caught up around 4th grade though.

I feel kind of dumb because I am actually looking forward to watching that Disney channel movie Descendants. It looks really cool but they make it sound like the kids who enjoy being bad like their parents might like being good and I’m like “nah let them be the villains.” But I wanna see it!

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gravestone, dust, dagger

Dust ❧ Talk about your past.

Uh…I don’t know…the friends have been around as long as I can remember, and it’s always been nothing but them. My parents are great people and the Kids Next Door gave me the most fulfilling and happy childhood I could have asked for. Bad things have happened to me but I’ve always come out of them seeing the world from a different perspective, and it’s made me a stronger advocate for justice in all cases. I feel like being 10-12, those were kind of my golden days. Which sounds ridiculous to other people but my vision for the future will never be clearer than it was back then.

Things were actually really great. My life has been great. When I was arrested though things kind of went downhill (I mean, obviously) and I’m kind of out of the loop. With everything. But I still have my job.

Dagger ❧ Tell one secret you have.


Gravestone ❧ Have you lost anyone important to you?

I guess this ended up being kind of personal.

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i really liked the sexuality question you sent me, so when did you start identifying as bi/pan? (i'm actually not sure which you identify as oh my gosh)

Okay, so the story is when I was younger I thought girls were neat. This was kindergarten, but due to socialization I knew liking girls wasn’t the norm. However this didn’t mean I just switch to guys, I always liked guys too. They pretty dope. But again, I felt kind of self conscious about liking girls because being gay or lesbian or whatever was a bad thing, well I thought as a kid. So I put those feelings behind me and only focused on boys, well, barely. I wasn’t boy crazy until end of middle school.

Fast forward to 8th grade is when I had my first real girl crush and I was flipping out. Like woah, is this normal. I mean I like like her. How do I deal with my gay ass feelings??? Her name was Arianel or however you spelt it. So, I remember I just would try to crack jokes and try to get senpai to notice me..but she got a girlfriend so I was really sad face.

That is when I realized I truly wasn’t straight, even though I would joke about how straight. (Lord knows I’m like spaghetti once put into boiling water, anything but straight..that joke worked better in my head) But anyways, then 9th grade I identified as bisexual but on the DL. It wasn’t until my second boyfriend (Trevor boy) came into the mix that I came out as bisexual. That was 11th or 12th grade.

But here’s the cool part, I didn’t officially identify as pansexual until recently. Like maybe a year? This was me actually questioning my sexuality. Does gender really matter to me? Does someone identifying as girl or boy really matter? Do they have to be cis? Does their sexuality matter? And all of it pointed towards no. Literally I didn’t have the picture perfect guy or girl in my head, I had the person but they were completely nonbinary. I think I realized it more when I had my last crush..or like? Idk, I just got over liking this guy who is bi but more leaning towards guys, and I didn’t care. He acted really feminine and he was just like me and that was really cool. He was cool and I took him a part, like everything that people could label him as and it didn’t matter.

Idk if that makes sense, sexuality is very confusing. I don’t really like labels but I label myself as pan or just queer.

Also mad long, sorry!

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No worries, I went to sleep anyway (Irish time smh) Kaisoo oh my GOD don't get me started I have recently discovered that magic... Yeah I feel you, I mean even straight idols can't admit to a relationship without it being a huge deal.. The whole system is so shitty :/ The Taeil thing is basically that there was a video where Zico said "lol Taeil told me he liked me and tried to kiss me" and they all made fun of him but Taeil looked really uncomfortable so.. Not sure it was a joke tbh..


That’s actually surprising that Zico would reveal such a thing, even to entertain, as that is some seriously personal stuff that I didn’t think an entertainment company would condone, even as a joke

This is seriously shocking and kind of fucking rude??? I don’t know… I feel bad for Taeil as he was being mocked by someone he certainly was fond of

It’s 8:45pm and we’ve both only just sat down to eat after being busy since 7am. Tired is an understatement but we’re both determined to enjoy our ‘us’ time.
We looked after the kids who were in a….challenging mood until 3pm, went shopping, built wardrobes, built a shoe cabinet, reorganised Moo’s room and the kitchen, filled said wardrobe and shoe cabinet and cleaned the house. Thankfully Maggie has been in a fabulous mood all day so hasn’t minded not getting as much attention as usual.
I actually love days like today, maybe not as long because Maggie didn’t get as many cuddles as usual before bed and I feel kind of bad about it but she’s as worn out as us so didn’t really miss it.
Hopefully we’ll all feel alive and well rested for the air show tomorrow which I’m suuuuper excited about.

  • I'm just done. I don't have anything to give anymore. I've just been so detached lately and this morning I just woke up and was not up for being a person. Ive probably cried 30 times this week. And I've had a really depressing reoccurring dream so even when I go to sleep I don't get rest. I'm just done with people and trying so hard to be people friends. people only want to take from you and I just don't have anything at the moment. if I was happier I really wouldn't care about giving but sometimes people need to give energy and kindness back to you because sometimes you need it. Today one of my kids in beginning drama asked if I was okay and I felt like it was the first time in awhile someone asked me if I was okay because they actually wanted to hear the answer not because of routine or manners. I feel like im back in the beginning of sophmore year and I really don't like it cause that was a bad time for me. And I'm afraid because of how I'm feeling I'm going to slip into bad habits but at the same time I want to slip into those habits again. Because those habits are easy. Its easy to hate your body and hate yourself and seperate yourself from everyone. Being depressed is alot easier then actively trying all day to be happy. And at least for the moment I just don't have enough to try and be happy.