i actually kind of feel bad for the kid

Can we all just collectively agree to ignore Pottermore! canon if we really don’t agree with it for very legitimate and logical reasons?

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what do you think about lsw so far, it makes me sad seeing fushimi the way he is like this but yatachan is so cute!!

So. Many. Feelings. All the feelings. I had to put it under a cut because ramblings about the feelings.

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Sierre, another small historical town in the canton of Wallis. Or Valais, if you prefer the French. Towers, paintings, gravel, vines, stone walls and the Alps somewhere in the background, even a castle hanging on a distant hill, it manages this middle age look from bits and pieces. It’s a pity we didn’t manage to visit the castle, and we actually couldn’t wait even half an hour to catch the Mardi Gras parade supposed to start - kid had plans with her friends for the evening so we had to rush to avoid any more scolding. Too bad the programme was canceled so we hurried for nothing… at least I was able to grab a few bottles of this impressive Sierrvoise Noire, the jewel of the local brewery of Sierre. It feels light, true, against all expectations (it’s 8% ABV). The traces of all kind of spices make it however really shine, complex without any of the sting most winter warmers use to bring… just great, makes you think of the best imperial stouts - but light and less malty. I MUST find a way to get it delivered over here.

i hate how attached i get to some people. this kid has treated me like shit, made me so upset and cry and angry and still, i talk to him and feel bad for him and still actually kind of want to talk to him because im holding onto the fact that maybe things will get better with us and we could be cute together.

i should be so fucking done with him because hes an asshole, but..

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what would be your favorite fic to read?

Ohhh. They’d be teens, or in a dystopian world, or just really anything that’s not them being youtubers bc i dont like for it to feel like they’re actually dan and phil (if you get what i mean?) and yeah basically i want them as teens, but like minimal school scenes bc they’re just kind of annoying and have a lot of ick dialogue with other characters that i honestly dont care about  and one of them (probs dan) is this text book mistaken, lonely, kind of fucked up, bad boy, kid who’s still making mistakes bc he’s young enough for them to just fly off as his youths stupidity. but he just has this sweet spot for the other one and the other one is the only one who really gets to see the “real” (that sounds so cringe) them until eventually, without even realising it, he’s just “real” all of the time because somehow the other ones made them feel special enough that they dont need to act as two different people any more. and there’s all kinds of smut. drunk smut. rough needy smut. slow i love you smut. smut where they both cant stop laughing bc one of them got their pant legs caught or their shirts stuck over their head. and they’re just kind of always okay because of each other. which is unhealthy ik ik but that’s just sort of what always happens when you love someone isn’t it? everything just seems okay because at the end of the day you’ve got them. 

So basically, I want every fic to just be this

things that made me feel like i shouldnt be here throughout my life: as a kid no one listened to me anytime i talked about anything, having to see a therapist at like age 7 and learning that im literally not normal, not being able to relate to anyone in real life or in media, rumors spreading that i was a murderer or cannibal although that one made me feel kind of cool at the same time, abuse from parents, abuse from other adults, not having a sense of family, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, going to therapists and being told they “cant do anything” about me, like….. this is a struggle ive had my whole life, that i wasnt meant to be born or i wasnt supposed to be here im not being over dramatic i just. actually have felt that way since i was a kid…. i guess i shouldnt still be upset over this but like. i already feel bad enough about feeling this way and ashamed but like. why would someone be mean to me about that

february 20, 2015

here is my placeholder, and potentially my actual post because tired af and stressed af

  • physics wave quiz nice
  • jk i messed up on a multiple choice question that i shouldn’t have because i apparently don’t know how to read
  • oopsie poopsie
  • newsies is a good movie i really like it
  • harshita and i could have had a nice talk today during lunch uwu because extended lunch wahoo but i had a meeting with bff kid
  • which was ok it was not very awkward it was kind of interesting
  • he said “i feel bad because i feel like i’m not participating enough in the conversation” and i said it was ok and that i’m sorry because i’m talking too much huh LOL and we had a conversation about introverts vs extroverts and he thinks i’m an extrovert (but only based off of the fact that i keep talking oooof LOL) but i consider myself an introvert because general personality but i dunno i will think about this more when i am more conscious and aware of functions and mind and thinking e_e
  • also after school we saw this hella cute dog and it was small and white and adorable and it yawned at me and vivian and we were just AHHHH the entire time and we were fangirilng over the dog uwu
  • and i saw rebecca and i said hi c: and she was like “I’M SORRY I SAID HI TO THE DOG BUT NOT TO YOU” and i laughed because that was cute and becca you’re cute uwu
  • finally finished my oil pastel thing today!!!!!! not satisfied with it but orz orz orz my next one will be a sunset and hopefully good enough to be a gift uwu
  • robot meeting today from 8 to 11:30 and i am so tired oh my god
  • also mom’s company dinner food was ok
  • also math quiz was ok too
  • is that it is there more
  • i wanted to hug for reassurance but the moment passed and i was like oh no i’m sorry but i didn’t say it out loud
  • i am awkward
  • i am tired
  • i will finish enb and sleep
  • and tomorrow there is so much to do i am stressed out oh god but ok ok o k

There’s a kid at workplace, he’s 2, comes in sometimes and usually one of these patterns happens:

1. Mommy leaves.  Cry for 10 minutes.

2. Distraction with toy/game/movie

3. Remember mommy is gone.  Cry for 10 minutes.



1. Distraction with toy/game/movie

2. Remember mommy is gone.  Cry for 20 minutes.


Yesterday the poor kid came in a bit tired, so on the second round of ‘mommy is gone stand at the door crying’, about 15 minutes in he just kind of flopped onto the floor, face down, and conked out.  Until D. and his mom came and I actually did have to move him, since he was directly in front of the door.  He was a bit calmer by then and had his snack and then fell asleep again.

I feel so bad.  Mommy will come back, kiddo.  Really.  Really, I promise. 

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from your aks for experienced: 18, 19, 20

Nice! I was hoping someone would ask the actual “old person” ones.

18. Do you eat your vegetables?

Yes! A lot of them! All different kinds! As well as a lot of meat.

19. Are the privileges of adulthood worth the responsibilities? 

In my opinion, absolutely. Then again, no pets or kids right now, so the responsibilities aren’t that bad.

20. Do you feel like an adult?

I do. But I didn’t start to feel like an adult until I was about 35. Which is kind of sad, but there it is. I blame punk music, where “kid” means anyone under 30 and/or who doesn’t have a full-time job or own a house.

I'm going to be annoying now

I watched the Lorax for the second time now, and I had an epiphany. I think the reason they chose to make the Onceler a main character might be because (in the old one) with him as kind of an unseen presence, even though everyone knew he was the bad guy and was responsible for the destruction of the environment, it didn’t feel as real or as relatable as the newer version, with him as a “normal” character. Like, kids watching the old one would be like “well, the environment needs to be saved, but we’re not the ones doing it, it’s just some unseen person or group doing it”, while in the new one, you can actually see the Onceler as a real person and be like “woah, what if I am the one doing this? I should be better to the environment” and stuff. So idk that’s what I got out of it. I like the new version because of the way they portrayed the Onceler and changed the story a little bit to make him more of a main character. Except where are the groovulous gloves.

2/19/15 part 1

Selling donuts was a bit easier than I thought. Selling to kids is awesome. Well kind of. I actually feel bad taking advantage of those kids. Their parents watched as we took their money. This one kid bought five individual donuts. He said he wanted to bring them home for his mom and his sister. Nice kid. I felt really bad because I had to give him the donuts without any napkins. I ran and got him napkins though. It wouldn’t be a good time for him if he had to carry those home with his hands. Surprisingly a lot of these kids had cash though. Didn’t know kids would be packing so much. Two kids bought whole boxes. 

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Aurora, Dory,Eric, Cruella

Aurora: Well I was 13 I believe and it was with my best friend and first love, he walked me home and it was a quick cute peck and I blushed about it for like 400 years lol just kidding, but I was actually awkward for a bit :p he caught me off guard lol. 

Dory: One good thing was that I was the kindness and most selfless person a lot of people have ever met and another is that I kept someone alive and helped them heal >.< (jeez I don’t feel I deserved such sweet words tho haha). And one of the many bad things is that no one will ever love me and people will only ever use me cause I make it so easy (this was from an ex)  

Eric: Yes, I actually help strangers a lot but I remember one day I got a really big paycheck and I went and took some people from the shelter out to get food and met some really amazing people :), I talk to a lot of them downtown still and people stare but I just hope to make a small difference in the way people look at homeless people >.< like really….

Cruella: A freaking pet….specifically a cat….I only ever owned one once and my ex got me him but when we broke up he took him back :( 

I think I know why.

I guess it’s because I kinda know exactly how a cancerian feels and wants in general. I associate a lot w cancers and they are the people I really care about and love. I understand whatever you told me and how you actually feel and how afraid you are to be emotionally attached to someone who might just leave. It didn’t start off w a phobia you know. It’s just you, born this way. But sth bad happened and made you worse. It’s fine tho, nth you rly need to change. Someone out there is gonna love you and accept you for who you are and I am not even kidding or tryna be cliche. Genuinely, there is.

I know exactly who you are, what kind of a person you are and how you are like in a r/s. Idk why but I find that I can read your emotions and thoughts well. It’s just that I am not good at advising at comforting and even expressing, that’s why I piss you off most of the time. Yes I know you, but I still want to get close to you. I can forget about the acceptance and the together part. Because I think I prefer chasing after you and you being hot and cold towards me. I love how things are like now. A little of control, a little of ‘I do to give a fuck’, a little of care and concern, a little of jealousy, a little of needy and clingy, a little of restrictions…. All these little stuffs are what we are facing everyday from each other idk if you felt the same but that’s what I feel and I honestly like it. But all in all, I think all I want is to just be needed by you one day. I don’t need you to say yes. But I only need you to think of me first at your happiest and at your saddest, when you wake up, when you can’t sleep in the middle of the night or just before you go to sleep. Not as a lover, but as someone you really feel comfortable with.