• Liam & Louis:*write entire One Direction album*
  • Fans:...
  • Harry:*writes like two songs for other artists*

shit that definitely goes down at scotland yard

  • dramatic readings of john watson’s blog
  • charades where they act out previously solved murder cases
  • sally balancing things on top of greg when he is asleep at his desk
  • people repeatedly mistaking bearded anderson and beardless anderson for two different people
  • dimmock keeping a heart-shaped-framed photo of sherlock in his desk; occasionally bringing it out to gaze at it adoringly
  • sally flipping the finger at corners where she thinks mycroft’s cameras are hidden
  • it’s actually anthea watching; she finds it cute
  • the assassin hired by moriarty to kill greg in TRF is still hanging around pretending to work there because the other assassins forgot to tell him that the job was off

I don’t understand why there are some people out there who say and think that Faith is one of the Big Bads on Buffy.

Like no. Faith helped the Season 3 Big Bad because he treated her like a daughter. She felt loved by a person for probably the first time in her life since its canon that her father left her at a young age (before she was born? I dont remember), her mother was a drunk/drug addict and didn’t care for her and she has never had real friends before. So if killing people made him proud of her then she was willing to go through with it.

That being said Faith did do horrible things that I do not excuse “simply” because she was never loved by anyone. Abuse or other unhappiness does not excuse murder. She went out of her way to hurt Buffy (though again I do understand her motivations I obviously do not excuse or condone what she did) and did other really messed up stuff that might probably could classify her as a villain. 

I am boderline okay with people calling her a villain but calling her one of the Big Bads is just not true

list of people who were the Big Bad:

  • Season 1: The Master
  • Season 2: Angelus (and Spike)
  • Season 3: The Mayor
  • Season 4: Adam
  • Season 5: Glory
  • Season 6: The Trio (people in canon and fandom excuse Willows actions but if you’re calling Faith a villain then you need to call Willow a villain as well)
  • Season 7: The First

list of people who were not the Big Bad:

  • Faith Lehane
  • All About That Bass:"I'm bringin booty back/ Go ahead and tell them skinny bitches that./ No I'm just playing"
  • Tumblr:omg this song is completely insulting to people this is a horrible song that's completely unfeminist
  • Anaconda:"Fuck the skinny bitches/ Fuck the skinny bitches... Fuck you if you skinny bitches"
  • Tumblr:omg Nickis a goddess this is such a great feminist song
I told myself I would withhold judgement until after today's episode...

And now that is over, I can safely say that I am fucking pissed off.

rogersmeed said:

OQ: 1, 13, 18 :D

1. Favorite way to jokingly piss each other off?

Robin leaves dirty footprints or muddy streaks in the house after he has been traipsing through the woods, and when Regina stands there with her hands on her hips and an eyebrow raised, waiting for an explanation, Robin just puts his hands in his pockets and shrug his shoulders with a ‘what-you-gonna-do?’ smirk on his face. Whilst Regina stays firm in her orders that he tidies his mess, she cannot help the little, hidden smirk of her own gracing her lips as she walks away.

Regina usually starts her day early, and on the occasions where Robin doesn’t wake her up - in a much more pleasurable way than her alarm - she likes to pull the duvet off their bed and refuse to put it back on until he is awake and in the shower, ready to start his day. Robin grumbles but if it gets him a few extra minutes of kisses before his soulmate leaves for work he can get over it.

13. Big spoon/little spoon?

Regardless of what Regina says, she is a cuddler, and during the night she usually likes the comfort and warmth Robin’s strong embrace brings her.
Although when Robin has difficulty sleeping due to bad dreams, Regina will gladly take on the role of the comforter and wrap her arms around Robin, her hand resting over his heart, until he falls asleep.

18. Who hates getting sick? 

Robin hates getting sick because it usually means that he can’t play with his boy like he usually does, and Regina tends to put a little distance between them to prevent herself from catching the same thing - which Robin hates.
However, Regina absolutely abhors illness; as a fiercely independent person who has always taken care of herself, she always finds it difficult to accept help from others. Robin usually cooks her soup or broth, and brings her warm drinks, to help keep her nourished and hydrated. Henry brings her blankets and sneaks her chocolates, cuddling into her left side - despite protestations from his mother. Roland brings her toys and drawings because he likes Regina’s smile when he gives her gifts, and then he curls into her right side - despite even more protestations.
When Robin finds Regina and their two boys fast asleep on the sofa, he can’t help the smile spreading on his face, and the little guilty feeling he gets at the thought of loving his family just that little bit more when they’re ill and looking after each other.

"Hi guys, we have decided to move the release date for the new single ‘Chasing Rubies’ back by two weeks, it will now be released October 19th. We have been incredibly busy playing festivals all summer and preparing for the Jake Bugg tour which starts at the end of the week, so wanted to be sure we had enough time to be able to promote it in the way we’d like. Thanks a mil to everyone who’s pre-ordered the single so far, we hope you don’t mind waiting a little longer to get the track!” x


anneapocalypse said:

I'm Anne, I'm 30, I like apocalyptic settings (pre, post, mid, any and all). I play video games, I write too much and not enough, I love cooking when I have time. Followed because I can always use more Carolina-positive people on my dash! Randonly: I love all things autumn. Relatedly: What is your favorite season?

Hiiiii! :D

Writing too much and not enough is such a relateable sentence/feeling to me! Also, more Carolina-positive people is pretty much a rule for a dash. Because she’s amazing.

My favourite season is winter. I am prone to the Winter Blues, and I don’t really do well with the cold (though I have lots and lots of cute winter clothes), but whenever it snows I get extremely happy, so it’s kind of worth it. I absolutely adore snow. And Christmas is my favourite holiday, so that helps too!