“I know it’s scary man.” Dean said, looking at the doubt written across Cas’ face. “Hell it’s one of the most scary things we do as people. But you’ve got to tell her. You’ve got to. Or else you’ll be regretting it for the rest of your life. Do you understand Cas? The rest of your life. That’s a freakin’ long time.”

“Yes it would be.” Cas began, looking sideways and over at you, still leaning on the Impala, watching the birds fly overhead as you waited for the two of them. “But it would also be a long time to live with knowing she would never feel the same way.”


still sorry

still sorry: or akashi won’t shut up and kuroko just wants to watch his damn movie 

i’m drowning myself in self denial about the latest knb episode so i wrote this short drabble about these two because i needed fluff 

word count: 412 | may or may not post on AO3 later but i’m in a rush rn so sorry 

pairing: akakuro

rating: T (just to be safe idk, it’s more G tho) 

“I’ve been thinking,” he starts.

“Oh no,” Kuroko jokes. Akashi frowns and flicks Kuroko’s head.

“I never apologized,” Akashi continues

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oh jesus christ please stop jinki oh lord those hair and the slightly unbuttoned shirt fucking shit stop him

T_T I feel you anonnie just look at him… Sitting all manly and shit, shirt unbuttoned revealing that beautiful body of his (he looks so musculine omg?) and those plump lips and the expression on his face (it’s so hot I can feel my heart doing ba-dump) and THE HAIR omg. I seriously can’t, I knew this all along but HE WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME

my daily selfie thing is supposed to be like a confidence booster but i was reading some comments online (not on my pictures though) and I guess people find daily selfies really vapid/shallow/attention whore-ish? That seemed to be the overwhelming opinion there. Do you guys think that way? Should I stop doing them?

August 13th was officially the 10th year anniversary of Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, so I felt like it was time to do some fanart.

So here’s 18 year-old Mac picking up Bloo after school to hang out.

kitchen utensils by sign
  • aries:cleaver
  • taurus:melon baller
  • gemini:electric hand-mixer
  • cancer:meat tenderizer
  • leo:citrus zester
  • virgo:egg timer
  • libra:ice cream scoop
  • scorpio:Wüsthof knife set
  • sagittarius:spatula
  • capricon:measuring cups
  • aquarius:salad spinner
  • pisces:high-end blender

if u need me ill be jumping off a plane into a volcano

I’m far too emotional to fix this up properly I’m so sorry


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ginny as a little second-year–it’s just her third week into school and she’s already pulling late nights in the library trying to catch up by herself

because she’d ask the professors, but they look at her with this pity in their eyes she can’t stand

and the other kids…well, she may be young but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know they’re all whispering about her behind her back

so she’s like, drowning in this transfiguration text but she’s GOING TO GET THROUGH IT AND WRITE THIS SODDING ESSAY if it’s the LAST THING SHE EVER DOES

and she’s just about to start banging her head against the table when someone plops down beside her and says ‘wow, you’ve got the worst case of wrackspurts i’ve ever seen’

ginny looks over warily to see a skinny blonde girl staring at her with enormous blue eyes. she looks familiar from her classes, she thinks, but most of last year is just so fuzzy (it’s only the parts of it she wishes she could forget that are, of course, horrifically clear)

'not that i can see them,’ the girl continues, tucking her wand behind her ear. 'they’re invisible, wrackspurts. but you look like you’ve got a bad case. i’m luna. want to hear a joke? happy thoughts make them go away.’

oh. luna. loony luna. now ginny remembers. the girl with the weird father and the even weirder stories about creatures that don’t exist. the girl whose presence is followed by almost as many whispers as ginny’s.

luna’s staring at her, clearly waiting for an answer. she doesn’t look particularly loony to ginny. in fact, she looks like the one of the first students to be nice to ginny in almost three weeks.

'sure,’ ginny says, a timid smile spreading across her face.

luna tilts her head. 'you might not need a joke anymore. i think you’ve got happy thoughts of your own now.’

ginny leans in and grins more deliberately, and a warmth unfurls in her chest at the smile luna offers in return. 'tell me anyway.’


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so I really needed to make a shot-by-shot analysis of this scene

I know we’ve all talked about this scene between Bilbo and Balin, but now that there’s a dvd screener out, I just really wanted to break it down even further because it’s probably the most important scene that points toward Thorin and Bilbo having had a romantic relationship prior to Thorin’s death

Balin says, “…and Thorin Oakenshield will pass into legend.”

To which Bilbo replies, “I know that’s how you must honor him, but to me, he was never that.” and I just want to point out the moment of pure joy, even adoration, on his face when he says this, as he’s remembering exactly what Thorin was to him.

“He was… to me… he was-," and here is where is not only falters, but becomes visibly choked up, and can’t finish. 

and Balin just watches him with the single most knowing look I think any of us have ever seen. 

Then we have this reaction. It’s somewhere between a gasp and a sigh, still riddled with emotion. Bilbo is very obviously close to tears, and this little gesture says to me that he’s thinking, "Oh. You know. I hadn’t even considered…”

And this tiny little nod practically shouts a sad acceptance. Of course Balin knew. There was no need to say it out loud, especially since doing so would probably feel like losing Thorin all over again.

And to finish it off, the forced smile; “It’s okay. I’m okay. Please don’t worry." He looks almost immediately away, the smile disappears, and Bilbo proceeds to change the subject. "Well, I think I’ll slip quietly away. Will you tell the others I said goodbye?" He can’t even bear to see the rest of the company, not even to say goodbye. We know it’s because he’s far too sad to deal with much more at this point. Thorin is dead, as are Fili and Kili. He doesn’t want to say any more farewells. He does end up doing so, as we all know, and very strongly at that. But he did try to avoid it, and for what other reason than he just didn’t think that he could? Maybe, just maybe, on top of having enough of goodbyes, he couldn’t even begin to think that maybe they all knew about him and Thorin, and that was just too much, too soon.