Stone (2010)

Leaves of Grass (2009)

The Invention of Lying (2009)

Pride and Glory (2008)

The Incredible Hulk (2008)

Bustin’ Down the Door (2008)

The Illusionist (2006)

The Painted Veil (2006)

Down in the Valley (2005)

Kingdom of Heaven (2005)

The Italian Job (2003)

Frida (2002)

Red Dragon (2002) (stream)

Death to Smoochy (2002)

25th Hour (2002)

The Score (2001) 

Keeping the Faith (2000)

Fight Club (1999)

Rounders (1998)

American History X (1998)

Everyone Says I Love You (1996)

The People Vs. Larry Flynt (1996)

Primal Fear (1996)


a distinctive sound // an 84 song journey (in four parts) through a vast musical landscape, to the outer reaches of stereophonic sound, in all its majesty. for best results, use headphones, and consider taking the time to just sit back, close your eyes, and feel where the music takes you.

vol. 1: exploration // a 21 song introduction to the wide possibilities of stereophonic sound. // listen // download

1. stereo (mono mono) - the brunettes // 2. bread and roses - mr. hudson & the library // 3. a distinctive sound - gotye // 4. passion - yoshida brothers // 5. money - pink floyd // 6. upstairs - psapp // 7. my lover’s gone - dido // 8. a cowboy overflow of the heart - the avalanches & david berman // 9. space oddity - david bowie  // 10. bohemian rhapsody - queen // 11. the long island sound - beirut // 12. upular (3d version) - pogo // 13. such great heights - the postal service // 14. a venture - yes // 15. love affair - regina spektor // 16. long, long, long - the beatles // 17. spring and a storm - tally hall // 18. two small deaths - wye oak // 19. ekki múkk - sigur rós // 20. full moon in paris - amber rubarth // 21. stairway to heaven - led zepplin

vol. 2: immersion // 21 songs to wander deeper into the wilderness of sound, and get lost in it. // listen // download

1. where is my mind? - yoav ft. emily browning // 2. hanna’s theme (vocal version) - the chemical brothers // 3. kettering - the antlers // 4. the last song ever written - stars // 5. e is for estranged - owen pallett // 6. hardwire - metric // 7. retrograde - james blake // 8. marta’s song - deep forest // 9. hide and seek 2 - imogen heap // 10. jacksonville - sufjan stevens // 11. grand central station - rogue valley // 12. the rip tide - beirut // 13. holocene - bon iver // 14. brothers on a hotel bed - death cab for cutie // 15. cologne (piano orchestra version) - ben folds // 16. new doomsdays - mimicking birds // 17. teardrop - massive attack // 18. angels - the xx // 19. smother - daughter // 20. creep - i’m not a pilot // 21. winter 2 - max richter/antonio vivaldi

vol. 3: submersion // 21 instrumental songs to meet you at the shoreline of a vast, deep sea of sound, and draw you under the waves with them, through dark, foreboding depths, and warm, sunny tropics, and all that lies between. // listen // download

1. prelude - the decemberists // 2. lose control - the vitamin string quartet // 3. black rose/green sun - h.omestuck // 4. summer 2 - max richter/antonio vivaldi // 5. morning talk/supersymmetry - arcade fire // 6. contact - daft punk // 7. wait it out (instrumental version) - imogen heap // 8. the garden - siddhartha barnhoorn // 9. mr. handagote - tomas dvorak // 10. breath and life - paul dinletir // 11. the bottom feeders - darren korb // 12. painted sun in abstract - trent reznor & atticus ross // 13. war is over/eta ya - paul cantelon // 14. the devil is in the details - the chemical brothers // 15. parents, prisoners, and the picture - bobby johnston // 16. isadora’s lair - christof dienz // 17. ashes to the wind/roux returns - rachel portman // 18. dearly beloved - kaoru wada/yoko shimamura // 19. la petite fille de la mer - vangelis // 20. foreground - grizzly bear // 21. time - hans zimmer

vol. 4: explosion // and finally, 21 songs to wrap you up in a rush, and pull you crashing back to the surface with bright lights flashing. // listen // download 

1. girls girls $ - theophilus london // 2. 551 - dessa // 3. paranoid android - radiohead // 4. shock to your system - tegan and sara // 5. pink batman - dan deacon // 6. express yourself - diplo ft. nicky da b // 7. monster - kanye west ft. jay-z, bon iver, rick ross, & nicki minaj) // 8. bang - rye rye ft. m.i.a. // 9. rampage - kavinsky // 10. love like a sunset - phoenix // 11. psyche - massive attack ft. martina topley-bird // 12. vision one - röyksopp // 13. what i got - sublime // 14. stay don’t go - spoon // 15. vulture - patrick wolf // 16. vow - garbage // 17. television - natalia kills // 18. beyond monday - the glitch mob // 19. drugs - ratatat // 20. super taranta! - gogol bordello // 21. la lights - grum


"…when I wake up in the morning / and the birds sing my song

would you grant me some forgiveness / for the things that I’ve done wrong

would you be so kind to stay a while with me / cause I’m crazy…” (x)

the marker tool stopped working partway through??? so instead of using something else i gave up

i completely forget why i was drawing this i know there was a purpose

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You said you wrote a fic? Send me the link now PLEASE HAHAHA <3

125 Letters to H: #1 "If it starts hurting, it means you care and if you care enough to hurt, then you are in love"

January, 14 of 2015

Its been quite a while since I thought about doing this. I dont even know what this is, I guess this is just the only way I can truly say what I feel and dont be
ashamed of it. Its 6:46pm and Wherever You Are by 5SOS is the only thing I can listen to because since no so long ago I realized that I needed to say some things but I did not know how.  I have been going back and forth with all my emotions lately and I dont know how to get them under control, I dont know if this is because Im a teenager of if it theres something really wrong with me. I dont know.  The day I found out about you I spend the whole afternoon stuck in my computer watching all kind of videos of you and I just didnt know how to feel about it because day by day I was falling more for you and in one point you were everything I could think about. God, I was fourteen and I was completely and helplessly in love with you without even knowing it.   I just, I dont know, I guess you had something, you showed me something that no one else had shown me before; I used to believe that when I found Justin he saved my life and got me out of the hole I was living in, I thought that for three years (I found him when I was 11) but then you just showed up and showed what true hapiness felt like and since that moment I knew things were gonna end up this way because I just cant stop think of you and it actually sucks because I know that you will never think of me. Even if you get this letter.

Im gonna be 18 soon H, and Im gonna go to college, and meet new people and grow up but the thing is… The thing is that I dont know how to get over this, over you. Why cant I stop feeling this? Why do I keep feeling this emptiness in my chest everytime I think of you? I actually know the answer but I dont even what to say it out loud because if I do that it will be real and Im not sure if I can deal with that.  You know, one day on tumblr I read something that reminded me of you because that post was screaming your name, it was screaming my feelings and thats when I knew that I was totally screwed; its something like this "If it starts hurting, it means you care and if you care enough to hurt, then you are in love" kinda cheesy and stupid huh? but damn it was all I could think about for a month and after that this idea came up, at the beggining this was supposed to be something like “125 to Him” and I was determined to write you one everyday and maybe have more 125 but  then there were some days when I couldnt find a single thing to tell you because everything I tiped felt like it was not good enough so I forgot about it but today, today I just couldnt keep holding it inside. 

Im looking for colleges and universities but my search always took me to one specific place and I know exactly why. London, since the first (and only time) I was there I fell completely in love with the city and wanted to come back, to go to college there and get a degree in literature or something like that because thats what I want to be, but then again I just couldnt stop think of you and that if I moved there I could feel closer to you and its sick because why would I want to feel closer to someone who I dont even know? And again I just dont know what the hell is wrong with me. So, tell me how do I forget about you? I feel like I need to do that so I can move on because this love is sickening me, it stoped from being amazingly beautiful to be one of my biggest pains, knowing that Im never going to meet you, knowing that if I do you will never look at me the way I do, knowing that there is never gonna be a “You and Me” between us is hurting me and I just need to know how to make the pain stop and go away because right now I literally can relate to the lyrics in Half a Heart because thats the way I have been feeling lately. H things change, nothing last forever and nothing stays the same.

I know you are not gonna answear this, god, you are never gonna see this but I guess I had to give this thing a shot, because if I keep going on like this Im pretty sure it wont end good and I need to be good, to feel good because I need my future, Im not like you, Im not like those girl who get tickets to meet you five times a year, so I need to make things work, I need to make things right for once and Im not really sure that letting things go around like this again will work for me.

I love you;

i cant believe that so many people actually believe that the order 1886 is just five hours long

i went through my final mental health testing today. they came to a solid conclusion once the tests were all finished.

i don’t have schizophrenia. however, i do have bipolar and borderline personality disorder. i’m actually kind of relieved because i worried i was suffering from something like schizophrenia-induced psychosis, but that’s not the case. it certainly explains some things in my life, like my tendency to change moods at the drop of a hat.

I have a problem...

So I started watching Friends about a month and a week ago.(Wow it seems like forever.) I was binging a lot. Sometimes I tried to slow down, but to no avail. Now its Febraury break and I have the whole week with nothing to do and I cant stop watching Friends. But Im on season 8 now, and its really hitting me that the end is coming. I figured I was probably going to end up finishing it over break, because of the amount of time I have, but I was trying not to. But the thing is, even when I dont want to watch it that much, Im really bored and its all I can think to do. I just cant believe its actually gonna be over soon and I’m a bit upset with myself I guess that I couldnt even make it last 2 months. Maybe its a subconscious about being judged by my Friends and family for watching it so fast. I have this problem with everything. Like “Yes I want to read that book in a day and not stop but also I dont because its the last one and I want it to last.” Im torn between wanting to just watch and watch and watch and wanting it to last. This wasnt as much of a problem when I was still on like season 3, but now Im really close to the end. Uch I dont know man.

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WITH DRAMAS IT IS EVEN WORSE you believe me if I said i just have watched ONE drama in my hole life? yeah, its true. and animes ffs i cant watch like 10 minutes and im like sleeping i have a huge problem w/ that things haha.... GO AND READ THEY ARE LIKE VERY GOOD AND IN ENGLISH THEY MUST BETTER, i was almost indicanting you one very good pt br fanfic :((( aww, you have an idea to where will you come?

OMG LOL i do the same thing though!! like i binge on them but it takes me forever to actually finish them //sigh// lol it’s so much worse with animes i don’t even know how i managed to catch up with fairy tail so quickly haha    OK I READ ONE LAST NIGHT AND AT THE END BAEKHYUN DIES I AM NOT OKAY ;;;;;;;;;;     well i’ve always really wanted to go to rio de janeiro :DD and my mom really wants to go for when they’re holding the olympics! but i doubt we’ll actually be able to go ;;

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holy shit

someone actually sent me a fandom for the thing

wtf is this (thanks btw :P)

hmmmmmmmmmmMM i have to think hard about this for haikyuu b/c i dont really have firm ships for haikyuu actually :U if it was oofuri this would be easy :Y anyways

THE OTP: daisuga maybe 

M/F OTP: hinata/kiyoko (i like the senpai-kouhai dynamic)

M/M OTP: maybe tsukkiyama idk

F/F OTP: kiyoko/yachi :P

Fav Female: SAEKO hhHHH my crush on her is unreal
Fav Male: tBH i cant decide between my husband-Suga, my low-self-esteem son-Yamaguchi, and my sun-Hinata :U

Least Fav Female: ehhhhhh none especially
Least Fav Male: ehh not really liking kentaro 

Why I joined the fandom: i believe after i finished oofuri i was going full steam for sports anime and haikyuu was the next one that i was interested in watching