“Kangin hyung, who always protect and take care of his dongsaengs, whom we can leave anywhere, i love you! He seems scary and strong on the outside but inside he’s really sensitive, he has a lot of tears and he gets hurt easily. He tries hard for Super Junior.” -Donghae to Kangin

hyunglove asked:

Hello there~ I would like to ask you a couple of questions...I'm going to do a Hoozuki (Hoozuki no reitetsu) cosplay and I don't know how make the horn neither how to make my eyes to look like hoozuki's eyes. Could you help me? Thanks in advance

Hello there! I am so sorry that I haven’t replied sooner. My laptop died and I’ve only just sorted my tablet out. But because I’m on my tablet, it means no reference images or anything. I’m very sorry, but I’ll try my hardest to be as detailed as possible!

Concerning the horn, I recommend using prosthetics or something similar. Sadly, that is not my area of expertise meaning I am unable to help you. I’m very sorry, but there is another blog (though the URL escapes me at this point) that should be able to help you with this.

Now, concerning the eyes - I am able to help you with this. You’ll need liquid eyeliner and a makeup pallet that has your skin tone (or a colour that is similar). Brush the eye-shadow on , making sure to go right up to your eyebrow. Gently blend it in using your finger. Then, using a small brush, gently brush some white eye-shadow just under the water line and blend it in. Next, take the liquid eyeliner outline your eyes, making sure to do that little spike thing by your tear ducts.

I’m not sure what else you could do to make your eyes look more like his, unfortunately. But I hope this was helpful anyway. Sorry that I couldn’t provide you with reference images, but my laptop is dead with no way to fix it.

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Sorry didn’t see this until 35 days later. I’m ashamed. 

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Name: Malin

Nickname: Mallan (but please don’t call me that)

Birthday: April 22nd

Gender: Female

Sexuality: hetero 

Height: 5’0” or 5’1” (154-155 cm) 

Time zone: (GMT +2:00) 

Average hours of sleep: around 7 to 8 hours. 

OTPs: Giri x Bora, Taehoon, 

The last thing I Googled was: Hur skriver man en debattartikel

First word that comes to mind: Angel

What I last said to a family member: var är mina hörlurar? ( where are my headphones)

One place that makes me happy and why: The library. I worked temprary there for a week and it was fun and if it had a less complictated to get a degree as an bibotican I would probably choose to be one. 

How many blankets I sleep under: one thick. 

Favourite beverage: Milk

The last movie i watched in the cinema was: Mamma mia when it came out…

Three things I can’t live without: my cat, my music, my parents. 

Something I plan on learning: Korean and Japanese 

A piece of advice for all my followers: . Sometimes you need to help yourself before you can help others, so don’t feel guilty. 

You have to listen to this song: Live tomorrow by Laleh, its such a nice song its been on my favrite list for a long time.  

My blog(s): Onegrayman. (anime/Manga blog)

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hyunglove replied to your post:a “friend” is talking to me… he haven´t talked to…

Talk to him until he tell you what he really really wants (??) and then you say: “sorry I’ll go to sleep right” Or something like that(?) Yeah I know is a shitty idea(。-_-。)

he got angry because I dind’t wanted to make him a drawing… like… wth I have enough work rn as to do a drawing to him, besides it was something I CAN’T DRAW… OTL