Happy 23rd Birthday, Park Hyunchul! (06.28.91)

To one of DGNA’s main vocals & handsome visual, 

I hope you have an enjoyable birthday! Ihahaha, don’t celebrate too hard with the boys okies~?! hehe. Just kidding, you deserve the fun. I’m going to have to admit, there’s not many things I know about you but,  I know that you’re a hardworking person that is passionate with music. I remember how you practically worship Junho and how he was one of the many reasons why you wanted to be a singer/idol. We all have that person that inspires us and even through hard times, I hope you’re able to still smile brightly and pursue your dreams. 

I hope to see you, Suhoon and the DGNA boys promoting actively again real soon! 

I’ll wait as long as I have to.

Have a delightful birthday, Park Hyunchul~! ^^