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Wait I am curious why you don't follow minbunny. As far as I know she doesn't like those should-not-be-mentioned couples?

should-not-be-mentioned couples <— you’re adorable xD

I know she doesn’t ship those… I often reblog her stuff don’t I?.. I have nothing against her blog.

The thing is I have issues with Sungmin and Kyuhyun stans who even slightly think about the idea of minkyu <—- I hate that even more than the should-not-be-mentioned couples xD

This is why I unfollowed a lot of Sungmin stans.. their opinions irritate me sometimes…I could turn into this unwanted beast and unleash my wrath :D

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1. First impression: OMG THAT ICON. laskdfj she’s so sweet ;~;
2. Truth is: you’re one of the few people in the fandom whose opinions I rarely disagree with
3. How old do you look: I don’t believe I’ve seen your face before…
4. Have you ever made me laugh: yes, quite often xD
5. Have you ever made me mad: not really, no~
6. Best feature: since I don’t know what you look like, I’d say the fact that you aren’t afraid to rant or speak your mind, even when you have ‘unpopular opinions’
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: no~
8. You’re my: hmm~ multi-fandom flail buddy? xD
9: In my phone as: N/A ;A;
10. Should you post this too? YES!

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N.O.P.E ~

N-Favourite place to shop at?:

Oh goodness, this is a hard one! Probably…White House Black Market! I’ve gotten quite a few nice things for concerts there X3

O-My eye color:

Dark brown! :3

P-Why I hate school. (or work):

Because it is annoying, time consuming, and most of the people there are a general pain to deal with ;;^^

E-My best friend:

Kea~ My big sister! :3

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What would you say if you had to choose between Geng coming back to SJ or Hee never having to leave for the army?

I think I’ll choose Geng coming back to SJ :D… cause Hee’s gonna be staying at the dorms.. I heard he’s not gonna be fully in the army or something 

So, I guess I’d rather not see Heechul on TV, knowing that Hanchul are together again


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SNSD and DBSK ^^

Okay, I don’t know either group as much as SJ, so I’ll try my best!


Favorite Member: Hyoyeon
Least Favorite Member: Um…I don’t know. Seohyun?
Prettiest Member: Yuri
Most Beautiful Member: Seohyun
Member I Wanna Marry: I don’t really wanna marry any of them tbh.
Member I Wanna Be Best Friends With: Jessica
Favorite Pairing: I don’t know SNSD pairings OTL
Unpopular Opinion: Um. Considering most of my followers don’t like SNSD, me saying “I like these girls!” could be considered an unpopular opinion. :P


Favorite Member: Changmin
Least Favorite Member: Yoochun
Prettiest Member: Jaejoong
Most Beautiful Member: Jaejoong
Member I Wanna Marry: Changmin
Member I Wanna Be Best Friends With: Changmin
Favorite Pairing: YunJae :D
Unpopular Opinion: I want them to get over themselves and get in touch with each other. They were bandmates for years, dammit. Grow a pair.

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- Show me that you trust me.

- Support me when no one is.

- Tell me I got potentials.

- Show me that you care when I need you. 

- Tell me I’m gonna live longer than expected   


I don’t have an ex.. so it depends on the breakup… but I think I’m gonna be mean about it. 


- Exotic stuffed toys

- Sexy jackets

- Strawberry scented shampoo

-  Any bloody red item

-  Neon green note books


- that boy <—- this got a hilarious story!!!- Olives got me drunk- Everybody dance now- Disturbia- koko xD