In light of today’s wonderful achievement, we have successfully given VIXX the 1st place spot for this week’s Show Champion! This will hopefully be the first of many wins for ERROR. But, this being their first win, the competition will get much tougher. 

As of 22 October 2014, 11.00PM KST, BEAST has taken the No. 1 spot in the online voting for Show Champion’s next week’s show! We’re losing by a small percentage, but BEAST’s votes are sure to increase in the next few days, even hours! So please don’t forget to continue voting online for next week’s Show Champion! This is not over yet! I know we can do it and hopefully create another miracle for VIXX! 

A tutorial on how to sign up and vote on Show Champion is linked [HERE]

Don’t forget to keep streaming VIXX’s ERROR on Youtube on the RealVixx channel! Not only will it help with the SNS points, with every million hit, Starlights will be gifted with a surprise video!

Also, continue with the Hashtag, #VIXX and #ERROR on Twitter. For more details on how to vote on various Music Shows and help out with the SNS points, You may click the link, [HERE] . 

I linked as many links useful for us to give VIXX another win! Any further details you may visit and ask them for if you have any queries. They would be most helpful.

I will be constantly updating of the online status’s of VIXX on any music show I can help with to keep everyone updated and alert. We can do it again Starlight! We can give VIXX another Miracle. 


xx Starlight