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So, you may be asking, who are these strange ponies? These are actually WarGamer/Hysteria ship babies! Anyway, even though this ship isn’t canon (at least not for a very long time), and they probably wouldn’t have children anyway, I really wanted to draw them. Sunshine Marmalade (I might change the name) is a spunky earth filly, kinda like Hysteria. She is a little more masculine than Hysteria, though; Hysteria would wear both dresses and other clothes, whereas Sunshine almost only wears shirts and pants. Spark is a non-binary kiddo. They’re named after they’re granddad, Spark. Spark is sort of quiet, but doesn’t mind socially interacting and loves flying around. Other personality points of both of them include: incredibly clichéd personalities, and eye-searing colors. Anyway, have a nice day, everyone!

sally-mun said:

AH KIP THERE YOU ARE. I've been trying to find your side blog all day because I (again) was behind the times that you changed your URL! Anyway, with all the werehog hysteria going around today, I started wondering what a were-version of Sally might look like. If you had any ideas, I think it'd be cool to see them. I love the way you draw Sally!

Ask and ye shall receive! I’m not thrilled with the outcome, though.


I tried to really make it look like it would fit in with the werehog, and be somewhat bulky yet still feminine in a way. Also, I attempted to combine both her past and present designs for this, and I’m not sure what to think. Hope it looks good! 

(also sorry about all those URL changes)

I was going to brood, get all upset and angry about this, and channel my feelings into some erratic, hysteria induced artwork… 

But then I was like “nah man. You don’t need to do that. That’s energy you can dedicate to something else. You’re chill. Everything’s good, you’re Izzy fucking Voodoo”

And suddenly every thing was alright. Because I decided it was. I laid claim to a little slice of serenity. 

I’m rather impressed with myself. Here’s to growing as a person, and to further realizing what good these last 9 and a bit months have done me. 

YESSSss okay this show is called NOWHERE BOYS, the asian boy = andrew lau played by Joel Lok (twitter/instagram) (he was born in 1994 so it’s FINE) (that is what i keep telling myself)

THE PLOT is that four MISMATCHED TEENS (goth, science boy, skateboarder, sports kid) get lost in the woods on a school trip and when they make it back they discover that their families don’t remember them and they apparently never existed. They hole up together in a wooden shack, scavenge for food, get into various kinds of teenage-boy trouble, and try to work out what’s going on - mass hysteria? wormholes? magic?? aliens??? UNFORTUNATELY FOR ME, I LOVE IT


SAM: the skateboarder. eats whole chickens. super popular & cool in their own world but not in the new one

FELIX: the goth. listens to/writes dreadful metal. into MAGIC!

JAKE: champion athlete with deadbeat dad. most angst!

ANDY: science nerd & Bear Grylls obsessive. THE CHARMINGEST. 

(warning that the show does fall into stereotyping a bit with andy’s family - obviously he’s the science nerd character, plus his grandmother runs a chinese restaurant & speaks fairly broken english)

it is a kids show, so it’s a series of 13 x 25 minute episodes; it aired last year in australia and is currently halfway through in the UK. there is another series in the works so this is nOT THE END im afraid

Ziam fic masterpost - Part III

I got a new phone last week and apparently some of my bookmarks didn’t transfer ): But oh well, here’s some. There’s 60+ fics here.

Part I

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Skulduggery Pleasant’s End of the World Mix on 8Tracks

Cough Cough - Everything Everything

Warriors - Imagine Dragons

Pumped Up Kicks - Foster the People

Muse - Hysteria

Stairway to Heaven - Led Zepplin

Muse - Apocalypse Please

Ms Mr - Bones

Centuries - Fallout Boy

Till the End of the Line - Phil Mananzera

A mix for the end of my skeleton detective days.
Have fun listening to songs that have pushed me into the book and universe, pulled me out, and pushed me back in again.

anonymous said:

To be honest, I love Maze Runner and I love Teen Wolf. But I don't like Dylan. I mean I do like Dylan. I love Stiles in Teen Wolf, but Dylan himself, sometimes he can be just too much, if you know what I mean. Lately he has been too much, it's gotten to where I hate it everytime Maze Runner has been mentioned because it's always him, him, him, him, him and him. I think I need to break from Dylan, but that's just the thing. I've gotten so used to him as Stiles that I turned on Maze Runner

I totally get you, Anon. The Teen Wolf fandom on Tumblr is pretty intense when it gets to Stiles and Dylan O’Brien and the overkill, the hype sometimes even hysteria and the glorification can be really too much for people -like me for example-who have a more neutral or objectve perspective in regard to the character and the actor.

A considerable part of this fandom makes Teen Wolf only about Stiles and Dylan so it is only logical they same people do the same with TMR although from what  I have seen from the movie, they put together an interesting ensemble cast with some other pretty talented young actors and most critics do not single out one of them.

If you have problems with the fact that too many people glorify, overhype and excuse everything Stiles does while bashing other characters (mainly Scott) for much less -and it is pretty much the same situation with Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien- then growing tired of the character and the actor  is very often the next step. It is not fair to both but it just happens and I am not free of that either. I have to remind myself very often that I actually like Stiles.

I also do not have anything against Dylan. I am not particularly a fan of him but he seems to be a decent person and actor.  Still, sometimes even I find myself struggling with separating the person from the hype surrounding him and I have to remember that it is the fandom hype the puts me off, not the actor or the person.

sublimeish said:

top 6 favorite songs!!

Uhm i have like 100 more than these but a few are

Heroes - atl
Bohemian rhapsody - queen
Restless heart syndrome - green day
Black rain - lava
Hysteria - muse
Die polizei - kaizers orchestra