Get to know me Meme!
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Name: Saitt
Date and Time: March 27th, 10:21 PM
Average hours of sleep: dude i don’t even know sleep just happens whenever it wants to now some days it wants to some days it really wants to and some days i doesn’t care at all

Last thing I googled: six flags magic mountain hours… cuz i needed to know when they closed? lol
Nickname: Sai, chromfucker, dweeb, nerd, gdi Sai, SAI WTF, SAAAAAAIIIII, oh yeah and MOMTHER and MOMMA and MOM (thanks childs)
Birthday: Aug 11st
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: chrom. just chrom. (ok srsly demi/gray-a-hetero even tho staright up hetero men freak me the fuck out most of the time bruh idk)
Height: 5′3″/5′4″ (one doctor tells me one thing one tells me another idk who to trust cuz i mean trust no one not even urself)
Favorite colours: green/gray/purple/red
One place that makes me happy: the beach always

How many blankets do you sleep under? usually 2-3ish but summer’s kinda starting to kick in here so i’ll probably go down to just 1 or maybe none idk
What am I wearing right now? haha and then what ;)
Last Book I read: book? wtf
Most used phrases: "like” “bruh” “haha” “hella” “chrom”
First word that comes to mind: dude
Favorite Beverages: wine cuz just fuck me up
Favorite food: sweet potato fries GODSDAMNIT CARLS JR.
Last Movie: Up (i hadn’t seen it so i watched it a couple weeks ago bruh wtf even is wrong with pixar during those first 10 mins like where is ur chill even)
Dream Vacation: Nintendo HQ bruh
Dream Wedding: haha smash tournament followed by a mario kart tournament lmao
Dream job: just literally fuck me up man I wanna work for Nintendo let’s see how that goes

tagging people? nah i’m too lazy for that haha thanks bruh!

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Name: Damian/West/Ben/etc (only LOSERS choose one name)
Date and Time: March 27th, 8:40PM
Average hours of sleep: 7 probs

Last thing I googled: “id sell you to satan for one corn chip bird”
Nickname: Daim, Damz, Dickbeans McFishfucker, Gayus, Inigay, Benadryl, Westeros
Birthday: October 21
Gender: Genderfluid
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Height: 5′4″
Favorite colours: blue
One place that makes me happy: shrugs

How many blankets do you sleep under? one at my dads, 2 or 3 at my mums
What am I wearing right now? A t-shirt and jeans
Last Book I read: do i even read
Most used phrases: what the heckie
First word that comes to mind: frogs
Favorite Beverages: orange crush
Favorite food: lemon fritters
Last Movie: ?????idk
Dream Vacation: idk!
Dream Wedding: the best wedding is No wedding lmao
Dream job: shrUGS
Tag 10 people you want to know better: audiallychallenged agenderchaseyoung robbiestacyvalentino lesbeanyweenies (iF YOU WANT TO OFC Dont feel pressured to lol)

Get to know me Meme!
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Name: Lina
Date and Time: March 28th, 11:54 AM
Average hours of sleep: my sleeping schedule is a mess i don’t have an average it’s either 4 hours or 10 there is no in between

Last thing I googled: great people
Nickname: Lina. People also call me whatever the fuck they hear come out of my mouth, including: Leah, Nina
Birthday: June 17th
Gender: Cis female
Sexual Orientation: Panromantic Asexual
Height: 5′8″
Favorite colours: Dark red, black, purple
One place that makes me happy: Camping

How many blankets do you sleep under? Just a comforter
What am I wearing right now? Underwear and a jacket
Last Book I read: Greys Anatomy. Yeah.
Most used phrases: "To be honest”, “Like…”, “Goodness gracious.”
First word that comes to mind: Light
Favorite Beverages: idk my friend makes this really good smoothie-shake thing at starbucks. Also, rootbeer floats.
Favorite food: idk. i don’t have favourite anythings
Last Movie: tbh? Idk.
Dream Vacation: London [cries]
Dream Wedding: Getting married isn’t really something I dream about or aspire to
Dream job: Actor, Writer [you can see how much i love to be original since i stole like half of these answers from tiny meme]
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