hypstercrytical said:

hey!!(: Could you please help me find a cheaper alternative to the JC X Wildfox Couture ballet platforms??

Hmm this is a hard one as they’re pretty unique! Only thing I can suggest is a customization job. You could get high platforms for pretty cheap like these 


and try customize them

I’ll keep an eye out for flatforms of the same material even to make it a bit easier!

Seriously though Mollie is so pretty and I miss her a lot and she should come visit me or else I’m going to walk to your house which is pretty far but it’s worth it because I love her a lot.


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What’s your overall view on headkandy??

They were the second brand of extensions that I’ve used and I really like them. The quality is good and there’s a nice amount of hair. I bought the longest ones they had (24”-26”) and ended up having to trim them because they were so long. The wefts are even labeled so you know where to place them. You can also contact customer care if you need help finding the right shade to match your hair and they’ll help you. If you’re looking for a good brand of extensions then I recommend it :)