From the American Academy of Neurology:

CHICAGO Some kids with autism may have a genetic defect that
affects the muscles, according to research that will be presented at
the American Academy of Neurology 60th Anniversary Annual Meeting in
Chicago, April 12 19, 2008.

The study looked at 37 children with autism spectrum disorders who
were evaluated for mitochondrial disease, which causes muscle
weakness and prevents a child from being able to participate in
physical activities and sports. Mitochondrial disease occurs when
genetic mutations affect the mitochondria, or the part of the cell
that releases energy.

A total of 24 of the children, or 65 percent, had defects in the
process by which cells produce and synthesize energy in the muscles,
or oxidative phosphorylation defects in the skeletal muscles.

"Most children with autism spectrum disorders do not have
recognizable abnormalities when you look at genetic tests, imaging,
and metabolic tests,” said study author John Shoffner, MD, owner of
Medical Neurogenetics, LLC in Atlanta, GA, and member of the American
Academy of Neurology. “But a subset of these children does have
significant defects in this area. Identifying this defect is
important for understanding how genes that produce autism spectrum
disorders impact the function of the mitochondria.”

The study was supported by Medical Neurogenetics, which conducted the

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vocaloidfan999 said:

Are other autistic people who're really sensitive about noises practically unfazed by high pitched ones? (I work a lot with music and my neurotypical friends say that this note is too high or that note is too high or even the whole song is when I don't really find anything wrong with it)

anonymous said:

I know being autistic means over or under reacting to sensory stuff, but is it common to do both? I can't tell if food is good or spoilt (neither by the smell nor the taste) unless the bad odor is really extreme. but I'm really bothered by other kinds of scents that I feel very acutely. some people refuse to believe that I'm bothered by a scent when a moment ago I couldn't tell the milk was rotten.

It is absolutely possible to be both hyper- and hyposensitive to the same type of sensory input — in fact, I think it’s quite common?

I’m like that with sound and smells, and also tactile input I think.

I’m sorry that some people refuse to believe you. Your experience is absolutely valid!

- Cap

honestlyvan said:

... *gestures a little* is it really transparent if I ask about your INTP oc? :'DD

Her name is Carol, and she’s the town alchemist. (And she’s not part of the story I’m trying to focus on, but a side character part of the same story as Luke/Tasha/Roy.)

She’s quite eccentric, liking to treat her fellow townspeople like guinea pigs with her concoctions. She can also be a little bit pedantic, being annoyed when people refer to her reagents/products by generic terms/descriptions, like “poison/medicine”. (After all, “the dose makes the poison” as Paracelsus said.)

She might be a bit smell/taste hyposensitive. And considering the reality she lives in (in which the whole town is affected, being ruled over by a mad demigod), she has probably died more than once from her experiments. But she could give less of a fuck.

spotlightalex said:

Can you do Breakdown and Dreadwing with all the symbols?


✮ = gender headcanons

☂ = orientation (romantic & sexual) headcanons

✿ = neurodiverse headcanons

Gender: genderfluid maybe

orientation: biromantic+bisexual (i subscribe 2 the definition of bisexual being ‘in2 ur gender +  genders that are not ur Gend’)

neurodiverse: ahhhhhH im a bit hesitant ab headcanoning characters w stuff i dont have experience w for fear of doing it Really Wrong And Gross but . mmm im kinda Feeling an adhd headcanon maybe. also im kinda feeling hyposensitive breakdown (wrt sensory processing disorder) u know what i mean


✮ = gender headcanons

☂ = orientation (romantic & sexual) headcanons

✿ = neurodiverse headcanons

gender: agender

orientation: homoromantic aceflux

neurodiverse: Hm. hmmMMmm. autistic. (steps back and looks at headcanons, nods approvingly) yep. Nice