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So, I’m trying to understand how people follow blindly. These people with charisma, good looks, and smarts have it all handed to them on a silver platter. the whole world bears for them because they are beautiful people. They are the real say in a matter and there is no voice for anyone lesser than them. Because they are a different being, they do not need to heed the words of others. They don’t need a stop button, they do not need to heed others opinions. They only bluntly apply their twisted form of logic in upside down ways, stringing you up. These are the people that guilt trip, the people that make you sympathize, that make you see their side of the equation because it is the one with emotional levy. What happened to the person who could think for themselves instead of falling prey to those who are on their on plane of thought?

I know so many manipulative fucks out their it’s not even entertaining. A lot of these people are people in bands, or who are deemed cool by the populace, simply because everyone knows them. They are free to command others as they see fit, because they are better than you.

Who are you to tell them what to do? You aren’t as cool or as hip as they are. You aren’t in any popular bands, you don’t even go to shows. You aren’t wearing anything cool; that band isn’t even good; who are you to like what I like?

No, say I, with the hypocritical intonation. These people aren’t contributors to society. In fact, they detract from the important matters of today. Instead of worrying about being in, worry about being. You will not look back on your life and wish that you had conformed more to the fad. You will not look back and wish you had gotten bigger gauges, or skinnier jeans. You will look back at your past self and you will laugh, not in spite, but in recognition or failure thereof.

I can’t believe I’ve been trying to fit in this entire time, myself. Fuck cliques, they almost had me, almost took me in their hold. We must shun labels. And move past them into the years ahead. We must grow up and grow away from these tags we put on ourselves or each other, because none of that matters. These days we are not segregated by skin, but by personal preferences. No more.

I’m a Matthias and I am a hypocrite. Cry about it.

Fucking cunt.

Resigning FL Lieutenant Governor at Center of Racketeering Investigation: America Needs 'Christians to Step Up and Lead This Country'

The news broke this morning that Florida Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll has resigned from office over her ties to an organization that ran a series of “internet cafes” in the state that is now at the center of a racketeering investigation. According to reports, Carroll had close ties this organization and even appeared in a commercial for it in 2010.

These “cafes” are often borderline casinos that exist in a legal gray area by claiming that they are merely offering “sweepstakes” to customers.

So it is just a little too perfect that back in 2011, Carroll was a featured speaker at a Faith and Freedom Coalition event ahead of a Republican presidential debate in Florida, organized by none other than Ralph Reed, where she declared that America needs “good, solid Christians to step up and lead this country on a proper moral path”:

You know the Bible says faith is believing in what is not seen, today unfortunately many in the media would like nothing better to ridicule Christians: they promote ‘The Da Vinci Code,’ they place doubt in the public’s mind that Christ was not risen and they condemn the 'Passion of Christ,’ yet they sensationalize stories that call for the end of prayer in school and removing the name of God from our country’s pledge. Ladies and gentlemen, these are very sad times when we allow the minority to poison the minds of the majority. This is exactly what dictators and socialist rulers did.

Man does not have all the answers, some of our political leaders bow down to scientists and let them have the stage to push their evolution, but there’s nothing, nothing a scientist can make, that is exactly like what God creates.

Trust Him to give you the strength to fight back against those who want to take God out of our country. Trust Him to give you the wisdom to speak out against injustice and blasphemy of His name. Trust God to guide your path to bring about a righteous government. …

Ladies and gentlemen, Christianity is in a fight and it is one of the greatest trials we have seen in modern times. Without a doubt, America and her people are in grave need of prayer, divine guidance, protection, to have good, solid Christians to step up and lead this country on a proper moral path. I firmly believe that if we magnify God, our problems will be minimized.

by Kyle Mantyla at Right Wing Watch

so i wasn’t planning on even dignifying the got episode 5x06 by talking about but this is more about the critics the sansa fans ( and i’d say every non misogynist  ) have gotten about their reactions to the episode

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