2014/08/17 - Arcadia, California

My friends moved to Arizona and when they came to visit I had to take them to the 626 Night Market. They just came from a wedding and even though they were stuffed they couldn’t resist the asian food haha


single family dwellings

My sister and I were walking to AU79 teahouse and I decided to take pictures of the houses along the way, the new and the old.


A new waffle cafe opened up down the street from me :)

This is the green tea and red bean waffle sticks. It was okay, except I prefer the traditional format of a whole waffle with scoops of ice cream on top. 

Boston Sunday May 18, 2014

Woke up this morning and planned on walking to Harvard Square while my sister goes to her all-campus commencement. 


Crossing the BU bridge over the Charles River. So many people jogging and biking…

I don’t know what this building is but I thought it was cool.


So it’s kind of weird to see large buildings made of brick because in class we’ve been studying so much steel and reinforced concrete structures. Since the east coast does not have to worry about earthquakes, it’s not a problem, but it’s still a little weird.

I don’t know why I didn’t take any pictures of Harvard Square…. anyways after studying, I met up with my sister to buy my dad’s birthday cake. We also stopped by LA Burdick for chocolate… 냠.



My sister loves the iced chocolate and I chose the Burdick, which is a wafer bar with rum ganache. The bar was so delicious… I don’t know how to describe it but I love chocolate more then ever now. and rum ganache. 


Finally met up with my parents and we walked around Harvard. My dad was so excited, he wanted to take a bunch of pictures with buildings and statues just because. It was funny, he doesn’t usually take pictures. 


We went to eat at a Chinese restaurant and to end the night, more dessert! hahaha. My sister and I picked out a raspberry cake from finale at Harvard Square. We thought it was perfect, but it was still a bit sweet for my parents. 



I made it to Boston. I had a lot of trouble sleeping on the plane, even though I was so tired. I started calculating accelerations and I couldn’t get the next iteration and got scared… ughs school. I’m sleeping early tonight, even though it’s Friday night :( I have to get up early to study tomorrow morning anyways. 

All the red brick kind of freaks me out honestly. 


NEES Testing at Englekirk Center UCSD outdoor shake table

Inertial Force-Limiting Floor Anchorage Systems for Seismic Resistant Building Structures

Our concrete professor (co-PI) invited us to watch the testing of this 4 story structure (scaled by 1/2) designed to collect research data on how to improve seismic structural performance by decreasing both structural and non-structural damage while decreasing cost. 

I know, my blog is all over the place. Enjoy.


Stone Brewery, Escondido

I’ve been drinking way too much beer these past few days… but I had a long week and we’re going into midterms again so last day! I’m not a big fan of ale and their IPAs are bitter as fuck but their stouts are so malty and delicious. Oh and their food is overpriced and meh so just take the tour and chill at the gardens over the beer. The gardens was my favorite part ^^