600 miles down, 200 to go. Epic LA > Bend, Oregon #Hypermiling trip is coming to a close with some incredible #MPG numbers. Mt. Shasta from the car…

I drove half this trip in 110 degree heat (AC required), had strong winds for 30 minutes between Indio and Cabezon, and had an elevation gain of about half a mile. And it’s advertised at 46 mpg on the highway. I love this car. (Gas savings compared to a flat 30 mpg. Would be more, but gas is only $3.56 in Yuma) #Prius #hypermile #geekmobile

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You are basically exactly right about Ohio but it doesn't have a toll road

whatchu know bout that ohio turnpike life

last time i drove through ohio the lead of the car train i was in (i was middle eeeee) decided that he wanted to “hypermile” and “save money” on the trip from michigan to eastern pennsylvania so he drove 62 on the freeways and instead of just paying the tolls he took us on the stupid backroads through towns and stuff and it added on literally 4+ hours to the entire trip there

on the way back i split with other car

When one door closes, the next one may very well close, too.

Mar 20th, 2015 12:16:37pm

I generally try to keep negativity to a minimum, but the headline of this post can absolutely be true sometimes.  I moved to L.A. in 2002, which means I’ve had 13 years of experience learning how to drive in this city.  Thirteen years of learning which side streets to take from the east side to the west (one for efficiency, one for scenic value), how to hypermile, how to drive defensively and aggressively at the same time, how to neurotically anticipate that the driver in the white Prius is going to mosey on over into my lane with no wherewithal AT ALL…so you’d think that I’d have all this down to an exact science. 

I do not.  And this past Tuesday, I REALLY did not.  

I decided Monday evening that my first Yoga Experiment class would be at One Down Dog in Silverlake.  I left my house 40 minutes before class started, and I live 6 miles from the studio. I thought I was giving myself ample time to drive there, check in and “be new” (the extra time it takes to sign liability waivers, have my Passport checked in, figure out where the bathrooms are, etc.).  

When my car’s clock read 10:21 and I still hadn’t hit Sunset Boulevard, I knew I was in trouble. If I arrived before class started, I’d be getting there by the skin of my teeth, and I hate hate HATE being that girl who slips into class late (I’d be the New Late Girl - too stressful to even imagine).  I quickly remembered that another studio on the Passport’s list, Siesta Yoga, had a class that started at 11am.  I’ll head there and have plenty of time to park and get situated,  I thought.  Way to go with the Plan B, Trace.  I was very proud of myself. 

Silly me.  Siesta is located near the corner of Franklin and Western - pretty much Hollywood, one of THE densest areas of the city.  It being the middle of the day on a weekday did not magically provide parking spaces for longer than the one-hour meters.  I drove around and around looking for a space that would allow me an hour and a half of peace.  No luck.  I was sweating and I hadn’t even done a single pose.  

Strike two.  I scratched One Down Dog and Siesta Yoga off my list for the day and turned around.  There was one more place on the Passport’s list that was on my way home - Silverlake Yoga.  I didn’t have their schedule memorized but I figured I might as well try my luck.  I actually found a place to park, and - you guessed it - they were closed for classes for another two hours.  

Did I learn anything from this waste of gas and driving fail? In addition to death and taxes, there is one more thing that is certain in this world: the unpredictability of LA traffic and how it can completely undo any plan you think you have.