Behold: the dawn of Hypercolor.

5 Awesome Technologies Created by Ancient Civilizations

#5. The Magical Roman Technicolor Cup

The Lycurgus Cup looks green when lit from the front. But when lit from behind, it turns a demonic red. In 1990, British researchers tried to unlock the mystery of the devil’s beer stein. What they found was that the glass was full of gold and silver flecks 1,000 times thinner than a human hair. Basically, the Romans discovered nanotechnology — the science of manipulating incredibly small particles — and used it to make a bitchin’ pimp cup.

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I LOVE these new Hypercolor hair powders from Anastasia Beverly Hills!
So many people enjoy a splash of colour in their hair, but not all of us want a permanent colour or the inconvenience of having to wait 6-8 weeks for a ‘wash in - wash out’ to disappear.
These powders are the answer!! Intense pigment without dying or bleaching your hair.
Not only are these suitable for the hair on your head, they can also be used on your brows too. Which is ideal for someone in my line of work, for example when I’m creating a bright summery makeup look for a photo shoot, I can now add vibrancy to the brows! Usually a standard eyeshadow just doesn’t pay off on top of brow hair. But the Hypercolor is just electric on top of even the darkest of hair. There are a variety of shades to choose from, and at just $12.50 per compact, you can not go wrong!! A little goes a long way, so these will last you a while :)

How to apply;


1. ABH suggest you prep hair with a light application of glossing cream, styling wax, or leave-in conditioner.
I actually didn’t use anything in my hair, it was just dry & clean, which worked fine.
2. Separate your hair into sections and apply colour by sandwiching your hair in between your fingers or a tissue and the Hypercolor compact, and glide the colour on by pulling it down the strands. You can also use a cosmetic brush to dust the colour on.
Use gloves and a towel around your shoulders to avoid colour transferring onto your hands or clothing.
3. Set with hairspray, spraying 10-12 inches away from your coloured hair and misting lightly.
4. To remove, shampoo 1-2 times.

BROWS (suitable for all colours of Anastasia Beverly Hills Hypercolor Powder EXCEPT “In the Pink”)

1. Prep brow hair with a light application of Brow Fix. Prepping the brow helps the Hypercolor Brow and Hair powder to adhere to your hair.
2. Apply the Hypercolor brow powder using an angled brush with light strokes. Build the colour for a more intense finish.
3. To complete your look, set your brows with Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel!

Review: HyperColor Brow & Hair Powder


I was lucky enough to receive the press kit for HyperColor Brow & Hair Color by Anastasia Beverly Hills a few weeks ago, and I am thoroughly impressed and completely in love!  These “hair-chalks-but-better” have JUST released at ULTA, (click here to check them out) and if you’ve ever wanted to try colored streaks, colorful ombre, or colored brows for a cool makeup experience, HyperColor Powder is for you!!!


Click through to see swatches, how-tos, and my full review of all five of their innovative colors.

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Just wanted to say thank you to all the #LasVegas students for supporting makeup, art and passion with us! 💗💜🐊 had such a blast at painting my model!

Products used: @thekatvond #lockit foundation mixed with @dior #airflash in 300 & #MAC Studiofix NC25 / brows are @anastasiabeverlyhills #hypercolor in #tealtornado / eyes are @anastasiabeverlyhills #cremwcolor in “Jet” as a base, blended out with @morphebrushes matte shadow palette, white liner in the water line is #MAC #fascinatingwhite, glitter in inner corner is #litcosmetics “champagne wishes” / contour & highlight using @anastasiabeverlyhills #contourkit topped with @maccosmetics #superb extra dimension skinfinish / mascara is @toofaced #betterthansex w/lashes from @lmakeupinstitute / lips are @jeffreestarcosmetics #velourliquidlipstick in “prom night” with some loose glitter pressed on top 💅💅💅 (at L Makeup Institute )

🎨decided to play with lotssss of color today!

Products used:

#brownscript in upper crease
#456 or #491? By Inglot as brow highlight
#anastasiabeverlyhills mega watt green in upper crease
#teal tornado in crease and outer corner
#ultra violet on bottom lash line
#stillglamorus eye pencil in libido for my waterline
#351 by Inglot in inner corner
#87 gel liner by Inglot (teal)
#77 gel liner by Inglot (black)
Lashes are #48 by #maccosmetics

#inglotcosmetics #stillglamoruscosmetics
#inglotcosmetics #anastasia #hypercolor #ashleyswagnerxo @stillglamorus @anastasiabeverlyhills

Hypercolor is back!

"The folks at Radiate Athletics have a better way: an exercise shirt that not only keeps you dry but also changes color based on the heat given off by your body, showing which muscles are actually burning.

Currently available through Kickstarter (where it surpassed its goal in two days), Radiate uses color change technology and thermochromic inks and dyes that change color as the temperature changes, revealing the current level of your performance in terms of output of heat.”

(via Workout Clothing Changes Color Based On Body Temperature - PSFK)

Why Hypercolor T-Shirts Were Just a One-Hit Wonder

It was 1991: “Roseanne was on TV, Terminator 2 was on the big screen, Color Me Badd was on the radio and Hypercolor t-shirts were on the backs of millions of middle- and high school-age kids across America.

The Hypercolor fad gripped the nation that year, thanks to the Seattle-based sportswear company that created them, Generra. In fact, in a brief three-month span, between February and May 1991, the company sold a whopping $50 million worth of color-changing, heat-sensitive T-shirts, shorts, pants, sweatshirts and tights.

In addition to its color-morphing cool factor, the “mood-ring of the ’90s” also had game-changing potential for a young adult brimming with hormones. Imagine: You could walk up to your crush in the hallway between classes, take note of the shirt he or she was wearing emblazoned with “Hypercolor,” casually place your hand on him or her, and the warmth of your touch would change the shirt’s color before the eyes of both of you. Let the sparks fly! - Continue reading at