A hypercane is a hypothetical class of extreme hurricane that could form if ocean temperatures reached around 50 °C (122 °F), which is 15 °C (27 °F) warmer than the warmest ocean temperature ever recorded. Such an increase could be caused by a large asteroid or comet impact, a large supervolcanic eruption, or extensive global warming. There is some speculation that a series of hypercanes resulting from an impact by a large asteroid or comet contributed to the demise of the dinosaurs. The hypothesis was created by Kerry Emanuel of MIT who also coined the term.

A cosmic cloud of dust approaches, a hypercane is on the horizon. catastrophe from which we wont recover, so kill me. pull the trigger.
All your cities are piles of ash, all your waters are tainted with blood. this is a threnody to those who will not be missed.
None of you prepared for the new world order. you ignored your remorse and neglected the hysteria. and now your skies are shrouded with strychnine, as you’re regurgitating the atmospheric poison.
All your antidotes are irradiated. all your wounds will go unhealed. anything and everything is dying around you, and I am the Revenant.

Hypercanes - Bigger Than Katrina

Hypercanes - Bigger Than Katrina |After The Last Day #Storm #Hurricane #Apocalypse

Hypercane or Hypothetical?

Hurricane Frances

You wouldn’t believe how much I wanted to title this article “Hypercanes – Bigger Than Jesus”. I think I may have been listening to The Beatles too much…but I digress…

 Some Fine Day by Kat Ross (Captain Doomsday Recommendation coming your way very very soon) deals with a superstorm called the Hypercane (although the book never mentions what those in…

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I've been having wacky weather event themed dreams lately

I dreamt last night about a hypercane forming in the Pacific to the size of North America flowing through. All I remember hearing was high pitch whistles and a gradient of gray flowing through my vision. Apparently the average wind speed during a hypercane is 800 km/h, so I don’t understand why I was able to see destruction.