Day 5 of the 3x5 Art Challenge: Here are the 3 paintings I did every year awhile ago for a yearly auction to support the TrinityKids Care Hospice in LA. The upper left one means a lot to me because it went to a little girl who overcome a major illness. I was so happy to maker her smile. #hyperactivemonkey #3x5artchallenge (at Hyperactive Monkey Secret HQ)

Day 4 of the 3x5 Art Challenge: Even though I spend most of the day doing toy design and illustrations for other folks, I always try to make some time for personal art. These are the first art pieces I ever did for a gallery show. All of my first shows were curated by the amazing @supercooperberella ! Thanks Coop!!! #hyperactivemonkey #3x5artchallenge (at Hyperactive Monkey Secret HQ)