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Reviewing Metallic Temporary Tattoos / Probando tatuajes metalicos temporales

To be compleatly honest I never understood the hype around the metallic tattoo trend, but I had the opportunity to try some out, thanks to one of my friends sister, who was selling some, and actually test them and see if they were really as amazing and a must have for summer as people say.
They come in different colours, such as gold, silver, a mix of both or, some times they come mixed with turquoise. The sheets bring from 6 to 10 individual tattoos, the one I got brought 6 tattoos in a mix of golds and silver designs, which were perfect to use as bracelets (like I’m showing in the pictures above).

Siendo completamente sincera nunca entendí la nueva tendencia de usar tatuajes metalicos temporales, pero tuve la oportunidad de provar algunos, gracias a que la hermana de una de mis amigas estaba vendiendo, y ver si realmente eran tan increibles y necesarios para el verano como la gente dice.
Vienen en diferentes colores, dorados, plateados, una mezcla de ambos o, también mezclados con turquesa. Las laminas traen desde 6 a 10 tatuajes individuales, la que yo compré traía 6 tatuajes de una mezcla de diseños dorados y plateados, los que eran perfectos para usar como pulseras (como muestro en las fotos arriba).

I was very impressed with how much they lasted, the first day I applied the tattoo in the morning, went out, did some shopping, the day was incredibly hot and it barely rub off. The next day I took a shower, went in to the pool and it did rub off a little as expected but it was barely noticeable, so I was really impressed by this.
But I must say, when it comes to take them off it’s kind of a pain in the ass. I tryed to rub it off in the shower and it didn’t really worked, it ended up feeling really sticky. So then I tryed using some cotton balls with alcohol, which did the job quite well.

Quede muy imprecionada con lo mucho que duró el tatuaje, el primer día me lo puse en la mañana, salí, fuí al mall (tuvo roce con las bolsas), hiso mucho calor y el tatuaje apenas se borró en los extremos. Al día siguiente me duché, me metí en la piscina y esta vez si se borró más, como era de esperarse, pero apenas se notaba.
Pero tengo que decir, para sacarlos es un poco molesto. Traté de sacarmelo mientras me duchaba y no funcionó muy bien, terminé con el brazo medio pegajoso. Asíque intenté con una pelotita de algodon y alcohol, lo que terminó de sacar el tatuaje.

I have to say that this tattoos have it’s good and bad sides, it does looks good and it does add something special to an outfit, especially if you’re going on a night out or to an special event, but I don’t know if they are worth all the hype or the amount of money companies are selling them.

Tengo que decir que estos tatuajes definitivamente tienen sus lado bueno y malo, si, se ven muy lindos y le dan un toque distinto a cada outfit (igual que las joyas comunes y corrientes), especialmente si vas a una fiesta o evento especial, pero no se si se merecen toda la publicidad o el alto precio a lo que los estan vendiendo las diferentes empresas.

I hope you enjoyed todays post, and tell me if you want me to do more of these reviews of the different trends that have been around. See you on the next one. / Espero que hayan disfrutado y les haya gustado el post de hoy, y cuentenme si quieren que siga probando más de las diferentes tendencias que estan dando vueltas. Nos vemos!



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anonymous asked:

What tattoos do you have? Can you talk about them? Like the meaning, the pain and the placement and stuff? Also how much they were? Thank you! :)

I have 8 tattoos in total. I got 4 done at 21st Century Tat2 in Rochdale and 4 done at Hype Tattoo in Newcastle, and I can safely say I’d never go back to 21st Century Tat2 because all but one that I got done there haven’t healed very well. 

I’m gonna start off by saying that I don’t believe all tattoos have to have a meaning, if you like it and want it tattooed then go for it as long as you’re happy! Some of mine have meanings and some don’t. 

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