So, since I couldn’t post up the oneshot like I had said, here are the main characters of my oneshot for Shounen Jump’s international competition. It’s called “Ken No Kendama” and here is the plot synopsis; 

" Ken, a 13 year old boy who’s only skill is kendama, stumbles upon an old kendama toy when helping an elderly neighbour do some cleaning. In curiosity, he decides to do a few tricks when suddenly he is brought into the world of Kendama. there he is asked by the Queen to help save their land from a mocking game intruder. Agreeing to help, Ken suits up to learn what it takes to win in the realm of Kendama. But, a battle may prove to be harder to win when the odds twist in an unforeseen direction. "

I am hoping this isn’t going against any rules, but  I thought I owed it to you guys to show you the characters :)