How people can say that SISTAR’s is only about Hyolyn? That the other girls don’t have individual activities? Soyou is always recording OSTs and duets, she recorded “Some” that was a huge hit! Bora has SISTAR19 and she also acted in a drama this year, she appears in music videos and variety programs. Dasom also acted in dramas, the most recent one brought more popularity to her, and please don’t tell me that “she can’t sing”, I’m sure that everyone that say this are the people who really can’t sing one single note.

 If Hyolyn gets more lines it’s not her fault, she don’t go to her label and say: “I want more lines in this song”, no, it’s the label who defines everything, and besides, Hyolyn is the main vocalist, she has one of the bests voices of Korea, Starship knows that, that’s why they are investing on her. If they were investing in someone with small talent, like the other companies do, so I would be angry too, but no, Hyolyn is so talented, she can sing, she can dance, she can rap, and is always supporting the group.