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“OK EVERYONE! GO ON YOUR PLACES AND DO WHAT I TOLD YOU TO DO” said the producer. You were an extra in the new 1D music video. You still couldn’t believe they chose you. But they gave you a role, that was actually an important one. You had to go on a motorcycle with one of the boys, but you didn’t know which one, because as you knew, no one of them has the license for it? 
“Hey. Are you Nathalie?” said a voice behind you. You turned around and saw a curly haired boy standing in front of you. “Y-yes. This is me” you said in a smile. “Put the helmet on, I don’t want you to get hurt beautiful”. Did he just called me beautiful? I bet he does that to all the girls. But still… you were thinking in your head. “Do you even know how to drive this thing?” you asked him. “They gave me lessons, yes. But sshh! Nobody knows that I don’t have the license for it” he said in a funny voice. “No, for sure. You don’t have millions of fans knowing everything about you. No, you don’t” you said using sarcasm. “Haha. You’re funny Nath, you know?” Did he just gave me a nick name? Is this real world or am I just dreaming? … “EVERYBODY ON YOUR PLACES! WE’RE ABOUT TO GO IN ACTION!” jelled the producer and waked you up from your daydreaming. “So, after this shoot, we have a 2hour break. Want to go to lunch with me?” This may be the last chance to see him. Why wouldn’t I go. “Sure”…

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harry? please you write so good! <3

Hey Babe :) Sorry it took so long! You sent me so many requests!! xx

You walk along the sandy beach hoping to get away from everything. But no. he just had to follow you.

“COME BACK!” he yelled. You start to run, you run and run. You run until you couldn’t feel your legs and you knew that no one was coming. You collapsed on the sand in a heap. Crying.

“Hey are you alright?” You hear from behind you. 

“Go Away Mark. I told you to leave me alone.” You say through your tears thinking of your boyfrie- wait ex boyfriend. Except then you realise that it wasn’t mark’s voice. Someone elses. you look up from your huddle, mascara running down your face.

“Not Mark, Name’s Harry, Why is a beautiful girl like you crying. If it’s a boy where is he? I’ll beat the shit out of him” He said making you smile through your sadness. 

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You are walking after work to pick up your little little at the daycare your parents dropped off at in the mornin. You go round the corner and notice that there are heaps of teenage girls around the daycare and you wonder why. You run over to the daycare entrance and are asked by the big body guards why you were here.

“I’m here for my little sister!” You answer quickly while you wonder why all these people are outside the daycare. They move swiftly out of the way so you can get in. You instantly realise why you were met at the door by Body Guards. You see the cutest boy helping a little toddler walk around the daycare. You notice your sister also following the boy around. The boy being Niall. You walk over and also notice the little toddler is none other than Baby Lux. He looks up from the cute baby to you.

“Hi” You say breaking the awkward silence. You look over to your sister who is laughing cheekily.

“I TOLD YOU SHE WAS PWETTY!” Your sister says tugging on niall’s shirt. He looked to you and smiled and you were blushing already.

“Your sister is right.” He said simply putting his attention to the walking toddler again.

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Zayn :) x

You are at the One Direction signing in line to meet them. You got there at 5am to get a decent spot in line. When One Direction finally arrive you can hardly believe your eyes and you faint. 

When you wake up you look up to see the roof of the mall. You turn over to see a chair, there were shoes and the foot of the chair, You look along and see 4 other chairs too. You sit up. Ouch your head hurts

“Hey Babe, I see your awake. You looked so pretty when you asleep.” Zayn said. You felt your heart melt as the other four boys also met your gaze, more importantly Zayn called you pretty.

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harryyyy :D

Library. The only place you feel free. Away from everything and everyone. Everyday after school, you went to the main library in your town and sat in a corner reading a book. Always another one. 
And there, one day, a guy came over and asked “Hi. Which book are you reading?” … you couldn’t believe someone saw you there. In this corner, hidden behind those dusty shelves where no-one ever came to grab a book. “Ugh… Anna Karenina, Tolstoy” you said carefully, to not scare the boy away, since it wasn’t a book normal teenagers would read. “OOh! I’ve read that one, is great. After you finish reading, would you come to the coffee shop next to the library? I’ll prepare you a hot cup of tea.” he said and winked. He just didn’t asked me out, did he? you said to yourself. “Well, why not. After all, I’ll finish in a bit” you said. “Great! Meet you there.” said this curled guy. As he started walking away, he turned around and added “Hey gorgeous! I’m Harry by the way" 

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“Hey Olga, you know there’s a new guy at school” “And he’s hot. But there are rumours that he never had a girl friend” “Not a real one. He sure had a girl or two”. Your three friends couldn’t get over the fact that there is a new guy at school. They were babbling around, but you didn’t even listened to them. Who cares. A new guy, there are plenty of them. The sound of the bell ring woken you up from your day dreaming. “See you later girls” you said to your three babbling friends and headed to the class room. “Oh damn, I forgot the books at my locker!” you said to yourself. You turned back to the lockers and took the books out. Soon as you turned around you tripped over someone’s foot. “Oh! Are you alright? I’m sorry that was totally my fault. Here let me help you” said a boy voice. “Uh, I’m fine. I’m going to be late for class. First day at school and already late. Great.” you were starting babbling. And then you just saw who you tripped over. It was the new guy. Damn he was really hot. The girls were right. “Here you go. All of your books. I’m sorry ‘cause you’re gonna be late because of me.” he said. “No worries, I’m the one ho forgot the books in the locker, stupid me” you said. “But however, I’m not going to miss the detention” you said sadly. “Oh well, that makes two of us.” he said, but in a happy voice. Why was he happy to being in detention? you asked yourself. “You sure shouldn’t be happy about it. Is pretty boring there, you know?” you said with a strange voice. “Oh, no. I’m gonna be with you in there. Is gonna be fine. I’m Niall by the way.” he said. HAHAHAHA what did he just said? Happy to be with me in detention. “Nice to meet you Niall. I’m Olga" 

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OOOOPSSSS! I feel very embarrassed right now. Liam please. hehe

“Than you El! You don’t know how much that means to me! I’m really happy to be your friend! NO! You know I loved you before you met Louis! C'mon! OK, fine. See you in 2 hours then! Love you lots! Bye” and you hang up. Can’t believe! Finally I’m going to meet them! you were screaming in your head, fangirling all the way and jumping in your room. What to wear? Jeans and a top or a pretty dress? … After you set yourself up, you were ready. Eleanor was about to pick you up and drive you to a secret place, you shouldn’t know about. The door bell rang and as soon as you heard them you ran downstairs and opened the door. But surprise, surprise. Liam the Payne was standing in front of you. “Hello there! I hope I’m not bothering you. Are you ready yet? Eleanor is waiting us in the car. And oh, by the way I’m Liam” he said and landed you his hand. You couldn’t breathe, you gave him your shaking hand and said “Ello. I’m Sarah" I’m holding Liam’s Payne hand! I’M HOLDING HIS FUCKING HAND! you were screaming again in your head. "Shall we go?” Liam asked. “Yes of course” you said. “Oh, I got an idea. I was thinking we may bake some muffins at the hotel. What do you think? Do you like muffins?” and so the conversation began. This is going to be the best night of my life! 

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You were at the movies with your friend. The movie already started, but you heard someone coming in and just by the coincidence it happened that they sat next to you. In the dark you saw that there were 3 guys, and the one that sat next to you was eating really loudly. But because you were polite you stayed quiet. After a while he asked you “Hey, sorry for disturbing. But do you have some more popcorn?”… What a weird question. “Yeah sure, here you go” and you gave him the popcorns. After the movie finished and the lights came up, you saw him. The gorgeous blonde guy you were dreaming so much about. “Thanks for the popcorns” he said. “U-u-ugh, you’re we-l-co-co-me”… “Hey, look. I think I owe you something. What about to go to the movies next week with me?” you went totally nuts in your mind. HE ASKED ME OUT?! IS THIS A DATE?! NO! IT CAN’T BE! BUT… IT MAY BE? “Um, yes sure, why not?” you said. “OH great! Here. Have my number and call me later” he said nicely. “Alright. Uh and by the way, what’s your name?”. “Niall” he said. 

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How did i meet you Elaiiiina? Was it some sassy amazingly beautiful story? Do indulge us -Loo

Hey Louis, liam also sent me a message so I’ll do both of them here :)

You were hanging round with the band, Liam, Niall, Harry and Zayn all at the local bar after you last concert in New Zealand. You were incredibly tired and just wanted to get your mind off things. You ask the bar tender for another drink. Same with the rest of the lads, but liam. 

“HERES TO ANOTHER GREAT CONCERT” you yell at the top of your lungs as you all smash your beer glasses together. After a couple more drinks you are off your face. You waddle up to Harry.

“Hazza Bear, Let’s grab somebody sexy tell em HEY, give me EVERYTHING TONIGHT!” you scream to your friend Harry. He replys

“I FANCY THEM!” Harry says pointing to the group of gals on the other side of the room. They were sitting in a huddle looking directly at you. You realised they must know who you were. 

“LETS GO THEN, Lads coming?” You turned around with your beer in your hand hoping to see the boys nodding. Which you did. You lead the pack to the girls.

“Hellooooo Ladies and what be your names?” You say

“Geeta, Teagan, Jess, Elena and I’m Carissa!” The brunette babe said. I smiled and winked at her. She blushed.

“And you boys are?” The blonde one, which i presume is Elena said with a wink. I laughed, so did the other boys. “Well?” She asked again. “We haven’t formally met so might as well do the introductions!” She said Sassily, You seemed to have met your match.

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Kat and Liam?

You walk over to the pet shop you always went to when you were sad. Some how all the cute puppies and kittens always cheered you up. Plus you worked there so that meant special treatment. You were always allowed to play with the puppies. You walked over to your favourite and pressed your noise up to the glass. A mini husky pup with three legs. She was the happiest one there even though she was one limb short and a rare breed. You smile down at the playful puppy.

“Um, Excuse me. I was hoping to get a pup, for the band. To take around. Could you help me?” You hear a brittish accent. You turn around to see a tall brown haired lad. His big brown eyes full of love. He was wearing a plaid shirt and long jeans. Liam.Fucking.Payne. You smile, but with a quizitive smirk.

“Oh Sorry, how rude of me, My name is Liam, Liam Payne? Reconise me?” You shake your head and look confused. Even though you know very damn well who the One Direction band member was. He walked up to the glass and stared down at the puppy. “Oh You are so Cute, Yes you are!” He said making noises at the puppy then looking to you embarassed. You giggle and look at the puppy.

“You’re cute too. Just as cute, even more so than the puppy.” Liam said looking to you.

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Hey hun! louis please for a HYM1D? :) xoxo

Sure :) Cuz you said please and i’ll make it long too :) x

You are collecting supplies for the afterschool childcare program you run along with you best friend. She went to the nearest mall to find some super glue so you were left with the list of vegetables you needed to create edible vegetable and fruit faces. You finally reach the Supermarket and make your way to the vegetable/fruit section. You pull out your list that your bestie gave you. You giggle at the little picture she drew of a vegetable face. You stare at the list.

  • 5 celery sticks
  • 2 tomatoes
  • 3 Apples
  • 4 Bananas
  • Avocado

You look at the list confused. What a strange combonation. Anyway you turn on yourself to look around for the celery sticks. 

“May I suggest carrots?” You hear from behind you. Thinking it wasn’t aimed at you you carry on looking for celery. “ Carrots make good eyebrows.” You hear again. The same voice but closer. You turn around to see who it was. Turns out it was an incredibly cute lad.

Blue Eyes, Brown straight Hair all over the place, around your height and wearing a striped tee with beige trousers. You smile at the sight. He was holding out a bag of 5 carrots, the exact amount of celery you needed. 

“Are those for me?” You ask politely. He nodded and puts the bag in your hand.

“Yep. I also think you should used cucumber for the eyes, they give a night circle. And Cherry Tomatos for the Pupils.” He said pointing in various directions, probably where each of the things were.

“Thank-You”, you reply sweetly.

“Anything for a beautiful girl like you.”

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ziam.. write it. please.


You are walking along the long bush path that you had been trekking on for the past 2 hours. You hadn’t come across anyone which was good! You wanted some time alone, some time to you and your thoughts and living in the city it was rather hard to do, so on the weekends you enjoyed leaving town and going on bush walks.

You hear voices ahead so you run behind the nearest tree not wanting to be seen.

“Liam, Just admit it we are lost.”

“No we aren’t Zayn! I have a map.”

“That you have been reading upside down for the past hour.”

“I knew that…”

You hear the foot steps come closer and closer until…

“Hey, We’re lost, mind helping us?” He said. You pop out from behind the tree to see two incredibly handsome boys. Defiantly not used to roughing it outdoors, haven’t even got the right gear.

“I’d love to help.” You say with a smile holding your hand out for the map. The brown haired lad reluctantly handed over the map. You look down and study it intensly while listening in on the boy’s conversation they thought you couldn’t hear.

“Oh My God, She’s fit.”

“I know right.”

“Liam, I talked to her first. I get dibs." 

"Not fair Zayn.”

“I would prefer not to be ‘dibed’ if that’s what you call it.” You say looking up to their shocked faces.

'Sorry we can’t help it, Your gorgeous,“ said the tall, mysterious looking boy.

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Hello love. Harry please. :)

HEY HEY HEY :) Sorry it took so long xx

You sprint the last 50 metres of the half marathon you had been training for. You run past the finish line with a sigh of relief then collapsing on the other side. You poor the remains of your water bottle onto your sweat covered body and smile. You finally did it. You finally reached your goal.

“Nice work.” You hear from behind you. You turn around to sit on your bum and look up at the person the voice came from. You see a rather handsome young boy, around your age. By rather handsom you mean you could have sex right now. But why would he be talking to you? “You looked quite sexy sprinting the last few metres, thought i would come and congratulate you on your good work.” He said coming down to your level and giving you a kiss on the cheek. You blush even though it can’t be seen through your already red, hot face.

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Could I pretty please have a Harry HYM1D? Thank you! xx

“Boo!” you hear from behind you.  It’s your little cousin trying to scare you on halloween. You smile and pick him up. 

“Come on, lets go get some candy!” You say enthusiastically. 

“YAY!!” he screams as he scrambles out of your arms and runs to the front door. “Who are you?” You hear your cousin say. You run to the door to see a tall boy around your age with a much smaller little girl. 

“TWICK OR TWEET”, The small girl said holding out her bag.

“Trick,” You said knowing most kids these days never have a trick. 

The tall boy comes up to you and kisses you firmly on the lips. You pull away surprised.

“Happy Halloween.” He said smiling slipping you a piece of paper. You look down to read the note,

So glad you picked trick gorgeous xx -Harry

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You were home alone and you were just scrolling through tumblr and listening to some music, when you heard a noise. Something like, a glass that has been broken. You took your brothers baseball bat and went downstairs. ‘Who’s there?’ you asked, like the thief would answer you. You saw a light behind the kitchen table so you went there to check who’s hiding. But no one was there, just a phone. 'Uh I’m sorry, I didn’t know someone was home’ said a voice. It scared you so much you hit some glasses that were on the table. Great now there’s much more broken glass on the floor. 'WHO ARE YOU WHAT DO YOU WANT?’ you shouted at the silhouette. 'Calm down. I’m Harry’ he said. You turned on the light and saw a curly head standing in front of you. 'I was chased by some dogs and I jumped into your yard, but jumped too far so I hit the glass on the door with my elbow’ said Harry. 

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You were running down the street and cursing over your parents. What have you done again? Why is it always you? This time was the last time you were hearing their insults over you. ‘I just need some time on my own’ you said to yourself while running and crying. 
dup you hit into someone and feel on the floor. 'Hey watch your steps’ you said. 'Oh, I’m sorry. Let me help you’ the stranger said an landed you his hand. You accepted it and got up on your feet. 'Are you ok?’ he asked. 'Yes, I’m fine, thanks.’ you said rudely. 'Oh, what’s wrong?’ asked the stranger. 'None of your business.’ you shouted. He moved away, to give you the space to continue your way, so you started walking. After some meters you turned around and yelled 'I’m sorry, I didn’t want to be mean. I got into a fight with my parents’ you yelled. He turned around and smiled, 'Want you grab a coffee?’ he added. You started walking towards him and said 'Yeah sure’. 'I’m Niall by the way’ he said.

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YO MAN. Liam and Elena pretty please :) x

You were at the concert, but it already finished so you went out. But then your friend said she needs to use the bathroom so you two went looking for it. But because it was your first time at the arena, you got lost. Suddenly you found a door and looked in it. There wasn’t a bathroom but some mirrors, couches & tons of food. You came in and closed the door. But after a while you heard some voices so you hide under the table. The other door (you didn’t see before) opened and you heard some laughter and saw some pair of foots. ‘Liam, I saw you how you stared at this girl’ said a voice which was so similar to you. Then you realized who came in. 'No I didn’t. How can you say that Harry’. 'Oh c'mon Liam, it seemed like you were singing only to her’. 'That’s not true Zayn!’. 'OUCH!’ you screamed when a foot stepped on your fingers. Liam looked under the table and saw you. He blushed instantly. 'Oh I’m sorry. Are you alright? asked Liam. 'Yes I’m fine. We shouldn’t be here, we’re leaving’ you started blabbing. 'No, please, stay.’ said Liam and looked you with his puppy eyes, that only he can do. 

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Niall love? Xx

Your running down the hall as you fight to make it in time to your first univerity lecture. You are getting rather puffed when you realise you still had 4 flights of stairs to go. You look up and just give up. You sit on the side of the stairs looking down at your books, still breathing heavily.

“Would you like some help getting up there? I’m heading the same way.” You hear an irish voice in front of you. You see some nice supra footwear and make your vision move up to see the face of the voice. He was truely a handsome boy. Blonde Hair that looked like sex. 

“I would love some help” You answer thinking he was just going to carry your books. But no, he picks you up wedding style and carries you up four flighs of stairs. “You can put me down! I’m not royalty!” You say while giggling at the boy. 

“You sure look like a princess to me.” He said simply while looking right into your eyes. You felt butterflies in your stomach.

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