You have to see this movie trailer for a watch. As the Inception-like soundtrack will immediately inform you, this is no ordinary watch. It’s the world’s first HYDRO MECHANICAL WATCH. And it is awesome.

While anyone armed with a smart phone will have access to a more accurate estimate of the time of day than you, they will quiver before your Horological Might as they strain to see the tiny liquid-filled pistons pumping up and down, beating them into submission. You will crush your enemies and reduce them to tears whenever someone asks “anybody got the time?” You MUST have this!

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HYT H1 Hydro-Mechanical Watch Powered with Bellows and Pistons

HYT H1 Hydro-Mechanical Watch Powered with Bellows and Pistons

The saying “time is money” probably just got a completely new interpretation with the HYT H1 watch from Vincent Perriard & Company. I say this because this exclusive watch is priced at $45,000 (£29,600).

If there aren’t many watches priced that high, tell me how many watches you know whose movement is powered by bellows and pistons? The HYT H1 has pistons that move the bellows, which push and pull fluorescein around the circumference of the dial.

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Today’s VIERICHE LuxeLife Report presents:

The HYT H2 Hydro Mechanical Watch

HYT Watches introduces their latest creation – the H2 – running on two flexible reservoirs with a capillary attached at each end. One contains an aqueous liquid with fluorescein while the other holds a viscous transparent liquid which dictates time in a totally unique and innovative form. The unique timepiece boasts a black DLC titanium case with a diameter of 48.8mm and thickness of 17.9mm with a domed sapphire crystal. At $113,000 It’s one of the most expensive and exclusive time pieces on the market. We’re all for Uniqueness and Innovation. Which Time piece would you get if the price wasn’t a factor?

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