HydroHut Receives its 5th Patent!

3 Patents In The USA, 1 Patent in China, 1 Patent in Hong Kong. HydroHut is recognized world-side as the leader in grow tent innovation and we have the patents to prove it.  All brands of grow tent being imported and sold into the USA are now in violation of Hydrohut’s patents.  All infringing parties must stop selling their tents or arrange a royalty or just sit back and get sued for not having responded to our previous request.

Hydrohut, the ONLY patent grow tent in America, China and Hong Kong.  We hold 4 US patents on grow tents and recently exercised our rights by stopping Atlantis Hydroponics and Hydro Wholesale from selling their brand tents without a royalty.  If you sell grow tents in America, you must contact us for a royalty agreement or we will stop you from selling tents.  If you import tents, likewise, you must have a signed royalty agreement with us.  If you make us come to you, we will make you pay more.  

The Only Patented Grow Tent In The USA, 4 Times Patented

  • 20% thicker, all steel, galvanized steel poles, no rust
  • Strongest frame on the market
  • 600D canvas, not 210D and not that stupid overkill 1380D
  • Recognized as the best built tent for sale for good reason
  • What your momma told you to buy the first time
The HydroHut Difference - Straight Talk

Even the new & improved versions of grow tents on the market to do not equal the quality of the Hydrohut the way its been made for several years.  Let’s have a good look at what the differences are:

HydroHut uses canvas that is 3 times thicker than the other tent manufacturers!

What is the difference between 210D, 300D and 600D fabrics?  They are not the same!  http://www.ehow.com/facts_7629050_300d-poly-vs-600d-poly.html  210D is 3 times thinner than 600DOther companies use 210D fabric.  Hydrohut uses 600D.

HydroHut uses 1mm thick, 16mm diameter galvanized, powder-coated steel poles.  Other tent companies all use 0.8mm thick poles, some steel and some aluminum.  None of their steel poles are galvanized so theirs will rust!

HydroHut use integrated steel corners, not plastic or even newly redone plastic!  Our corners hold a ton of weight because they are welded steel.  Other companies talk nonsense about their fancy plastic corners which keep breaking by the way or they wouldn’t have to redo them so often.

The HydroHut Estate (10x10) is actually bigger than a 10’x10’ room.  Our Estate measures 127” x 127” x 7’ tall as compared to the DRII Pro which measures only 118” x 118” and is only 6.5’ tall.  The difference is that in the HydroHut Estate, you can fit two large 4x8 trays and still have space to move in the tent, around each tray to service your plants.  In the DRII Pro, you don’t get this space.  You have to throw insecticide at your plants from 8 feet away and hope you hit them.

Our HydroHuts hold more weight on their ceilings than all other tents, in some cases, more than other tents combined.  There are a lot of cheap junky tents on the market with some rather poor designs.  The HydroHut, any model, will hold more weight than any of its competitors so when you take home a HydroHut, you can be sure that your lights, fans, filters, mufflers, atmospheric controllers and whatever else you hang from the ceiling will stay hung and won’t fall onto your garden. 

Other companies have actually produced a second frame that goes inside of the first frame to attempt make their tents as strong as our HydroHuts come in the first place.  Are you serious?  A second frame after you already purchased the first frame?  Why not just make your tents better from the beginning?

HydroHuts holds 5 patents on grow tents, 3 in the USA, one in China and one in Hong Kong.  Every single tent being imported into the USA is infringing upon our patents and we have started prosecuting those infringers.  We have sued Home Depot,  Atlantis Hydro and Hydro Wholesale for wanton patent infringement.  All other brands will be sued next unless they take a royalty agreement that we have been offering to them for almost two years now.  What is fair is fair and when you take food off of our table, we are going to pursue you to the end of the earth, we promise.

Hydrohut Estate, No Center Down-Poles to get in your way.  Strongest ceiling on the market, bar none, right out of the box.  We don’t make you add a second set of poles to make your grow tent strong.  We simply use 20% thicker metal poles than all other companies and we use integrated metal corners, & super thick canvas.  We make the best tent on the market by not cutting corners.  Hydrohuts are patented 5 times, this isn’t a mistake either.