“I did something good for once and you’re yelling at me?” Klaus asked as you walked down the streets of New Orleans. “I don’t think kidnapping me from my own bedroom in the middle of the night and taking me here is against my will or knowledge is good” you sassed as you crossed your arms. Klaus paused for a moment before speaking again. “Well my intentions were good” he nodded.


You quickly skipped down your stairs, reaching your back door and opening in. You looked up and your eyes landed on Klaus who was already there. “Klaus” you breathed. Hearing your voice he turned to look at you. “You okay love?” he asked, smiling sweetly at you. You shook your head as you stepped out of your house. “What do you need?” he asked, concerned. You took a deep breath before you spoke. “You Klaus….I need you” 

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Does Hybrid!Barbara lose her antlers and grow new ones each year?

hmm potentially! Actual female caribou tend to loose their antlers in the spring when they have their calves, so the trend might still translate to hybrids even though they don’t necessarily have kids in the spring.

 She’d probably lose hers around spring and they’d just grow back with the velvet and everything around the beginning of summer! Though they’d probably take longer to grow and be fairly small/medium sized for most of the summer 

Epimedium x Versicolor ‘Sulphureum’

Soft yellow flowers are born on wiry stems above red-flushed foliage in spring. This is a hybridized entity. The parents are Epimedium Grandiflorum and Epimedium Pinnatum subsp. Colchicum. The two taxa were crossed at the Ghent University Botanical Garden.