Mercedes-Benz S-Class S400 Hybrid by Sjoerd ten Kate
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The car uses the latest 7G-Tronic technology. Prices (German market) start at 86.334,50 EUR with an engine providing 306+27 HP (225 + 20 kW). Expensive? Not so much compared to the AMG verision that offers you 585 HP (430 kW) starting at 151.189,50 EUR.

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Actress Scarlett Byrne discusses Lexi’s decision to turn against the Espheni and join her human family in last Sunday’s episode.

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The Most Dapper Animals You’ve Ever Seen byAlexander Houlton

ou don’t have to be rich or even human to have good style. Just look at these classy animals in vintage gentleman’s wear. These classy pieces are the work of LA-based artist Alexander Houlton. He combines Photoshop with woodworking with the goal of “making people smile uncontrollably.” For this series “Animals in an Animal World” Houlton used Photoshop to replace human heads from vintage photos, which he found online in public domain libraries, with the heads of various animals. He then adhered each print onto wood, which he cut with a powered handheld jigsaw, and burned it with a torch to give it the vintage feel. He did an amazing job sizing the heads and matching them with the perfect outfit and pose.
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First came the delightful Dirds (Dog-birds), followed by the marvelous Meowls (Cat-owls), today the Department of Awesome Animal Hybrids introduces us to another spectacularly surreal creature: Bears with Beaks.

From the Angry Eagoala and Panda Bearrot to the Sad Beargle and the Hungy Pelibear, these beaky bears are the product of the collective imagination and photoshop skills of a two-year-old subreddit called… wait for it… BearsWithBeaks. Thanksgiving just got a whole lot more interesting now that we know about the Wild Bearky.

Head over to BearsWithBeaks for many more examples of this hilarious, yet strangely touching hybrid species. Just don’t leave your fingers where they can nip them.

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