Good evening, I’d like to propose a toast. Where do I begin,well I have to say I’m surprised at how great the transition to tumblr is going. It’s been a little over a week since I started up this account, and I hadn’tanticipated to gain over a 100 followers in that short amount of time. I’d liketo send my appreciation to everyone who’s decided to follow me, and the storieswe’ve worked, created, and are continuing.  In honor of all that’s happened recently, I’dlike to welcome you all to dinner and hopefully you’ll enjoy the meal. ((Maincourse – favorites, Appetizers – starting up stories with, Desserts – Eager tostart a story with))

Main Course:  

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Heh heh.

So, I waited until I got home and put the Seven head on Althea’s 60cm Mirodoll girl body.   I think he can get away with that one, even without the extra centimeters.  The neck fits well and the proportion head to shoulders feels really good.  The 62cm body, heel feet, extra bust (small), and shipping was about $160.  This is going to be great!!!!  I would love some new hands for him, but that can wait.

I think his penis might end up being sparkly.  We will see.

100 Happy Days - 38th day
I always wanted to have sleeping heads. :3 Now I have two sleepy girl. ♥
@namirennn done an amazing work! Every time I recieve a painted head from her I fall in love with them again. ♥

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