My DoA Couture Contest Entry, the making! Part 1!

From “sketch” to “before decorating”!

When I found out about the contest, I used one evening sketching and researching.

Second day was for pattern making and digging up my fabrics since I didn’t want to buy fabric! And I had this lovely piece that I didn’t know what to use it for!

Third day: I noticed that I sewed the base dress on one go (4 hours?) so I didn’t have any extra pictures… Apparently… I spent a lot of time thinking if I sould make the bolero. I decided to give it a go.

Fourth day: base dress and bolero is ready. I like it nice as it is but then I hit the wall. I hate decorating!

To be continued~

My morning Demon :3
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anonymous said:

What jointed hands match the Fantasy doll normal skin 60 cm boy body?

Unfortunately I can’t find many comparisons of Fantasy Doll resin to companies that sell jointed hands (there are also two normal skin colours, so resin match will depend on wether you have ‘normal’ or ‘pale normal). There is a post on jointed hands here however. You will also want to be careful of size since most jointed hands are somewhat large and Fantasy Dolls have quite small hands. 

I hope that helps. 


The Most Dapper Animals You’ve Ever Seen byAlexander Houlton

ou don’t have to be rich or even human to have good style. Just look at these classy animals in vintage gentleman’s wear. These classy pieces are the work of LA-based artist Alexander Houlton. He combines Photoshop with woodworking with the goal of “making people smile uncontrollably.” For this series “Animals in an Animal World” Houlton used Photoshop to replace human heads from vintage photos, which he found online in public domain libraries, with the heads of various animals. He then adhered each print onto wood, which he cut with a powered handheld jigsaw, and burned it with a torch to give it the vintage feel. He did an amazing job sizing the heads and matching them with the perfect outfit and pose.
At Voila Gallery