J. COLE + Hypebeast: Must Haves!

No matter what your profession or lifestyle, we all have those must-haves, essentials if you will, for your daily travels. Hypebeast recently caught up with 'Born Sinner' rapper J. Cole to find out what his essentials are. Do you have some in common with him? I do. Like J. Cole, I have to have my custom Beats By Dre headphones, cash, altoids and my laptop! He states that he used his custom Dreamville + Beats By Dre headphones to make his single "Power Trip" and he stresses how important they are to him as a producer. You’ll also see his need for his Nike SB Dunks, his Rolex luxury watch, his Hookah which he says is a necessity for the studio, his old version Blackberry (with the cracked screen), His iPhone - which he said he hasn’t embraced yet and that he uses it for the iPod aspect (same here Cole) and his Prada Backpack that he doesn’t leave home without! Go to the source - Hypebeast to read more! Cole recently revealed that he moved the release of 'Born Sinner' up to compete with Kanye West, be sure to pick it up on June 18th! xo @rozOonTheGo



"Well-known for his numerous artistic endeavors, art director Paolo “Zero-T” Capezzuoli has taken on a new project. After shooting one particular photo in New York City, Capezzuoli decided that print wasn’t a dramatic enough medium to visualize the picture. So he printed five blank wooden skateboard decks with acrylic gesso and layered them with a photo emulsion fluid. Then, using a slide project, he creatively impressed the images over a skateboard deck for a truly one of a kind piece."

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