The Moleskine sketchbook has become my daily art journal. The beautiful flower is my hyacinth bean whose seed pod I had to recreate in watercolor. Inktober inspired the middle two pieces, and I’d wanted to draw on that tree SMASHbook page forever. I pasted it in and went to town! Lastly, I practiced my graphite shading skills and did some green watercolor hair for the bonus round!


Being the only female in what was basically a boys’ club must have been difficult for her. Miraculously, she didn’t compensate by becoming hard or quarrelsome. She was still a girl, a slight lovely girl who lay in bed and ate chocolates, a girl whose hair smelled like hyacinth and whose scarves fluttered jauntily in the breeze. But strange and marvelous as she was, a wisp of silk in a forest of black wool, she was not the fragile creature one would have her seem.


She’s been to the Hyacinth three times now,
she’s still managing to stay under the radar
enough that nobody has asked her for ID.
Though that may perhaps be to do with,
her conversation with the singer. But tonight
she is brave enough, and her throat is dry
enough that she approaches the bar.
"May I h-h-have a cola please?" She asks
the barman and then takes a look around and
notices a man. “Sorry are you w-waiting to
be served?”



My D’Ysquith Deaths costume for my friend’s Halloween party!! I’ve got:
-Ice skates for Asquith Jr.
-A heart for Asquith Sr.
-Bees for Henry
-A gunshot wound for Salome (BANG!)
-Decapitation for Bartholomew
-Poison for Adalbert
-A bouncy ball for Ezekial, because gravity is really what killed him.
-A Union Jack for Hyacinth, because I dunno, imperialism killed her if you think about it.
-Oh, and a belladonna flower for Chauncey :)