like whats the point i will die eventually. like hwy cant i die in my sleep like why is anyone even alive i really hat eit

a list of needless au ideas
  • “you never go to school because of mental health reasons and the school sends me over to give you handouts and assignments and i find you sitting on the couch singing along to disney and i join in and now we’re marathoning movies and shouting lyrics and i’ve forgotten about school entirely” au
  • “we go the same high school and you’re really punk and i’m really pastel and we’re both in the school play and we have to play characters that are our opposites and we’re always asking each other for help on our roles at really weird times” au
  • “my dog chases you up a tree and i find you two hours after i’ve lost it and you’re still up there and i laugh at you and you throw a rock at my head but then i bleed a lot and suddenly we’re in the ER and you’re apologising for throwing rocks and i’m apologising for not taking care of my dog and i end up asking you out to apologise” au
  • “you have three jobs and a kid and you hire me as the babysitter and i end up staying around your house all the time and then one day i realise it’s not just for the money and wow you’re really cute does this breach customer rules?” au
  • “you work at the new bakery and you have to wear a really cute french maid outfit but you’re a guy and it shouldn’t look so good but it does and i can’t remember my order because i’m staring and are you wearing heels too?” au
  • “you’re singing a song dramatically at the bus stop and you get a word wrong and i correct you and we end up fighting over it and you drag me to your house to google it and i end up hanging around because you actually have really good music oh my god is that a signed edition?” au
  • “you’re a really famous actor and i am completely obsessed with you but then i see you getting swarmed by fans one day and you look really distressed so i run in heroically and save you and now we’re hiding in a dumpster and you’re complaining about the smell and i’m trying to keep my cool as we wait for the coast to be clear” au
  • “i work at the cinema and you come to see the same movie for a month and on the last day i ask you why and you convince me to watch it with you and oh my god this movie is so good holy shit” au
  • “i bought a rubix cube one day and i couldn’t solve it so i threw it out of a window and you happened to be walking by and you pick it up and knock on my door and by the time i’ve answered it you’ve casually solved it and i bug you to teach me how to do it” au
  • “i work at the donut place and you work at the bookstore and i bring you free donuts for a free book” au
  • “we both live in a really tiny suburb in the city but there’s a lot of crime and bad rep and you decide to become a superhero and just for kicks i decide to be a supervillain to rival you and end up helping you instead” au
  • “we both work for a secret agency and we’re rivals so when we go undercover at a local school as teachers we’re always trying to reveal each other to the public so we get fired and everyone just thinks we’re dating” au
  • “i’m the snake charmer at a carnival and i accidentally lose the snake and i ask you to help me and you end up finding it and charming it better than me and it turns out you own a snake sanctuary and i’m actually really bad at this job” au
  • “you work at corner store as the new checkout chic and i think you’re really cute but i don’t know how to talk to you so i end up just buying a bunch of things i don’t need whenever you’re on shift and in the end i ask you out through spelling it with candy wrappers” au
  • “we get fake-married when we’re in preschool and we’re in highschool now and i have a massive crush on you and you have no idea and then one day i try to ask you out but end up proposing by accident and you’re so shocked you say yes and suddenly everyone thinks we’re getting married again and helping us make plans and making a fuss but we haven’t even had our first kiss” au
  • “you’re an activist protesting outside my family home because my parents are bad people and you’re really cute and your sign is funny so i sneak out of the window and join in to the rally and now it’s two years on and i’ve moved out and we’re partners in crime and i really enjoy it and it’s really fulfilling and nice, and you ask me why i joined up and i blurt that you looked really cute and you think i’m just in it for that when i’m really not” au
  • “you’re a fanfiction writer and i always read your works and one day you stop writing my favourite fic and i hear you talking about it at school with your friends and once i’m over the shock i shout at you to continue it and now i’m at your house throwing chips at you for motivation as you write out the next chapter” au
  • “we’re youtubers and we live across the world from each other and we met and form a friendship and then in one of our videos you say something about having a crush on someone and i get really jealous and then i’m freaking out about possibly being in love with someone that lives a million miles away and someone starts a funding system and suddenly i’m on a plane going to meet you” au
  • “there’s a noise coming from the bathroom and i don’t know what it is and you’re my neighbour so i go to you for help and you get a cricket bat and kick the door down and it turns out to be a frog on the windowsill and it’s three am and we’re both half-dressed and it’s suddenly awkward” au
  • “you’re rich and famous and i’m homeless and your agents think it’s a good idea if you ‘help out’ a homeless person and you agree and you find me and at first you’re an arsehole and i refuse but then i slowly start making you see how bad it really is and you really get into it and donate and help out and use your name to spread the word and it’s really great” au
  • “you have a plastic pink flamingo on your lawn and it’s snowing so i put a scarf around its neck and you see me doing it from your window and i end up ripping the scarf away and accidentally taking the flamingo with me and that’s the story of why you tackled me into the snow screaming about me being a bird-stealer” au

Mindy Tucker took these beautiful photos of me, Ted Leo, Jon Wurster, Tom Scharpling, Kristen Johnston, Gabe Liedman, Gene Simmons of KISS, Gary Tha Squirrel, fans in an amazing “Redhead Hall of Fame” costume, and more from Wednesday night’s HOW WAS YOUR SHRIEK. To see more of Mindy’s pix, click here.

St. Clairs Cafeteria - Pompano Beach, Florida

3561 N. Fed. Hwy. Pompano Beach, Fla.
Tel. WH 1-3214

Mailed from Pompano Beach, Florida to Mrs. Louis Miller of Brooklyn, New York on January 31, 1969:
Dear Louis: Just to let you know, I received your letter and thank you for all the news from the store, sorry to hear about Mary. I am trying to catch up with my mail, I have so much. Write to four sons, we’re having lovely weather. Give my best regards to Giles & all the gang when you see them. Sincerely, Harriet.

ombra mai fu, by RezaMarzooghi

I was driving down Lyell Highway through Tasmania while a passing shower made the grasslands and the central Tasmanian hillsides wet. All of the sudden the sunlight broke through the clouds, creating the golden sparkles of light on the rain washed grass. I just noticed this single tree of eucalyptus down the valley. Pulled the car over and rushed down the hill to capture this glorious moment handheld.