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You taking any prompts? Cuz here I got one and I just love your writting. Mummy Holmes sending baby pictures of Sherlock to Molly's phone, and a very confused consulting detective wondering why every time she sees him Molly laughs (chasing her around to recover the photos and snogging her senseless are plans that sound appealing once he finds out)

Thank you thank you thank you for your prompt and kind words! I’m very new (read: bad) at writing but I’m practising and nice things like this help me keep going. I’m sorry it took me so long but I’ve been working on my Victorian one shot (huzzah done) and I had some writers block. Sorry about my babbling.
EDIT: I can see you want this prompt because you’ve been sending it to other authors! It’s here, I’ve done it! Sorry again for the wait. 



Sherlock entered 221B to the sound of Molly snorting and wheezing. Or laughing as she called it.

(He never told her but he found her laugh unbearably cute.) 

She was sat at the kitchen table with a half eaten, half forgotten sandwich laying in front of her. Her attention was called to her mobile phone, clutched in her hand, being gripped tightly due to the force of her laugh. 

"What’s so funny?"

She whipped her head up and upon seeing him, shoved the phone into her cardigan pocket. 

"Nothing. Cat video."

"Seriously, what?"

"Stupid internet thing."


"Molly, I know when you’re lying to me." 

"I am offended."

"Right, give it here." 


"Please Molly."

"Oh Christ." She groaned internally. "Not the puppy eyes, anything but the puppy eyes!" 

And oh SHIT there they were. 

3… 2… 1… 

"Fine. You know how we met your mother last week?"

"Oh no."

"We exchanged phone numbers since we want to get to know each other more and… well she’s been sending… uh…"

"What? Molly, what?" His tone was threatening and apprehensive. He already knew the answer to his question. 

"Well she’s been sending baby photos."

"GivE THAT HERE!" He shouted, vaulting over the kitchen table, springing at her. 

Molly dashed away laughing, clinging to the phone in her cardigan pocket. 

"Oh but you were so cute - AH." He leapt at her and they both landed on the sofa. As a distraction technique he began kissing her passionately which only served in distracting himself. They became a tangled heap on the sofa. He found he often couldn’t think whilst kissing Molly. Which was… pleasant. 

After a short while he remembered his goal and snuck his hand into her pocket. He whipped the phone away with a triumphant “Ah ha!”. 

He unlocked the phone to reveal a photo of baby Sherlock laying on Mycroft’s ten year old knee, both of them sticking their tongues out at each other. Little Sherlock was in a mustard yellow onesie with the tips of his raven curls beginning to announce themselves on his head. 

Molly chuckled from the sofa “It explains so much!” 

Sherlock buried his head into his hands. Mummy was going to pay for this. 


Note: That baby photo description is based on one of my own! 

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*This passage appears in the adventure  journal of Tallgeez the Mighty Hunter. It’s accompanied by a gnomish datadisc and is heavily smudged in blue, presumably draenic blood.*


Tallgeez the Mighty Hunter fighting Ahoo’ru the Unsullied! 

HUZZAH! Many glory of brawling guild! Long struggles, hard adversaries, much geometry - until now.

Now, is just Tallgeez and Ahoo’ru…

First, Tallgeez must say - normally Tallgeez does not shoot or hunt fellow draenei. Draenei are many comrades in arms, struggling against dire foes! Is poor taste to hunt our own kind…

…But Ahoo’ru…

Know that among the draenei of Azeroth, Ahoo’ru is known as - mortals would say - ‘Giant-Ass-Jerk’.

This is why: most draenei are devout and righteous, like Tallgeez’s beloved, or many vindicators and anchorites!

Many draenei are wise and powerful! Our Prophet Velen, the Shadows of Argus - even this child Tallgeez found in Shattrath and carried places for no reason perfectly good reasons!



But none, other than Ahoo’ru, claim they are ‘Unsullied’!

Draenei hunt for thousands upon thousands of years! Against Burning Legion! And Orcs! And Scourge!

The only way to be ‘Unsullied’ as Draenei is to stay away from fights!

…And that is what Ahoo’ru does! Wears light bubbles all day, avoids dirt and fighting with Light, summons angel to explode things… then he judges Mighty Hunter, and his comrades, for being in adventures and acquiring many dirt and blood while hunting!

This works well for Ahoo’ru. But it is also ridiculous and Tallgeez will end it with explosions!!

Tallgeez will fight Ahoo’ru and his magnificent haircut for great justice! Glory for all comrades, and every fellow hunter oppressed by bubbling paladins everywhere!

Epic battle will commence! Bullets versus the Light! Magic versus explosions!

Tallgeez shall leap from the walls! Strike from the skies! Rain fire upon foes like agile, gun-shooting wolf cat whaleshark moth!!

Ahoo’ru will strike with light! Pose menacingly! Probably be immune to everything forever while standing near him and magnificent hair causes pain and death!!!

Then, Tallgeez the Mighty Hunter will win! 


(Bizmo’s Brawlpub Video Feed follows…)

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Bara is the sexualzation of Big Buff Gay Guys, some say it is "Made by men, for men" but it can be applied to Girls as Well (strongarm yo). So basically, Big Buff and Bisexual

HUZZAH heres a way better answer actually


Ella grew up in a huge house, her dad was a lawyer so they had quite a lot of money. Her father was very protective over her and wouldn’t even let her stay home by herself even though she was 18. She finally convinced him that she would be fine and made him leave for his business trip. 

While he was gone someone started movie into the house next door. It was one of the nicest houses in town and she wasn’t quite sure how someone who looked just a little older than her could afford it.