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Mainly coming from the adaptation of Dorian by Will Self but still…x3

“Excusez-moi,il faut toujours que je me regarde dans une glace quand quelqu'un m'accuse de me conduire mal. La mauvaise conscience est tellement narcissique.”

Translation:“I beg you pardon, I always need to look at myslef in a mirror when someone accuse me for doing something bad. Bad consciousness about ourselfs is so narcissic.”

[…]Dorian était l'un de ces êtres insolites qui transforment en réalité les fictions qu'ils ne sont incapable d'écrire (bien plus divertissants que ces poseurs qui écrivent des fictions quils n'osent pas réaliser)[…]“

Translation:[…]Dorian was one of those unusual people that turns into reality fictions that he would not be able to write (a way more entertaining than those poseurs who write fictions that they would never make come true)[…]

’‘Oh, mais je t`assure Baz, que je vénère mon corps comme un sanctuaire. Seulement c'est un sanctuaire qui n'admet que des cérémonies orgiaques exigeant l'usage de drogues psychothropes.”

Translation:“Oh, but I swear you Baz, I do worship my body as a sanctuary. However, it’s a sanctuary that admits only orgiac ceremonies that needs the use of psychadelic drugs.”

-Dorian by Will Self (Sorry, I have the french version of the book, so my translations might be major crap for the one that possess it in english…)

“Ainsi ses tendances vers l'artifice, ses besoins d'excentricité, n'étaient-ils pas, en somme des résultats d'études spécieuses, de raffinements quasi extra-terrestres, de spéculations quasi-théologiques; c'était, au fond, des transports, des élans vers un univers inconnu, vers une béatitude lointaine, désirable comme celle que nous promettent les Écritures.”

Rebours by Huysman


Huysman - Mini Sexy Pony



Against Nature (pt 2)

There’s an interesting thing happening here. Des Esseintes has gone further and further into his mind, while he creates a world around him, and can’t seem to really tell the difference any more between real and fiction. He has a toothache and imagines all these terrible scenarios that play out with an aching tooth, he visits the dentist, and still imagines the pain and horrible things that await him in the chair. He imagines turning a kid into a murderer, even though he also realizes, reality might not play out so neatly for him. Even though reality is just at arm’s length away, he still conjures up this fictional world. A world which is only ideal to him.


A prim, almost teenage “reporter” named Trudy Herd is kidnapped and brainwashed into becoming Luna Vachon, the snarling, mohawked she-demon of Kevin Sullivan’s Army of Darkness. These screenshots are from a long segment that aired on Florida Championship Wrestling in 1985, where Nancy “Fallen Angel” Sullivan shaved half of Vachon’s head, formerly initiating her into the stable.

This was uncomfortably strong stuff at the time, and is almost unimaginably seedy by today’s standards. It’s all the more powerful for relying on suggestion rather than explicit display: whatever you imagine about that room, with the Snakemen crawling on the floor, Mark Lewin holding up a knife as his eyes roll back in his head, some anonymous punkette just barely in frame fondling a serpent, and Fallen Angel standing around in her BDSM gear, is worse than anything they chould have shown on television. It’s like some kind of Reagan-era Floridian version of Huysmans’ “La-Bas.” 

This dialed into a lot of then-current social panics and folk devils - punk rockers, satanism, kids being torn from their families by cults - in a sleazy, sensationalist way that still manages to remain a more vivid document of the era than a hundred scholarly monographs referencing Stanley Cohen’s theories.

Like a lot of wrestling stories, this one gets darker the more you think about it. Of the two women at the center of this tableau, neither would see 50: Nancy Sullivan, who broke into the business as a teenager in “apartment wrestling” pictorials, was murdered by her husband, Chris Benoit, in 2007. Three years later, Vachon died of an overdose of prescription painkillers. 


Huysman - Seven Boomerang Kore


Better than a lot of sex I’ve had.

Book Recs

It’s World Book Day! I’m super duper pumped and inspired to share my favorite books with you! This is organized by author’s last name, and includes genre. Please recommend me books to read as well :-)

  • The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne
    • historical
  • Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card
    • sci-fi, bildungsroman

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Against Nature (pt 1)

Huysman’s ‘Against Nature’ seems to really lay on the thick lavishness much like it’s hero Des Esseintes. It’s hard to like the guy. From being a complete sexist and racist jerk, to killing animals and purposely turning a kid into some sort of murderer, it’s laughable that anyone wanted to be like him. Sure, the prose is great, but good prose doesn’t hide how unlikeable Des Esseintes is. Is decadence really like uncaniness? By rejecting societal norms do we become uncanny in any way? Is living a life whose only purpose is to create your own little world for yourself the way to live? Huysmans doesn’t seem to pass any judgement on his character in his writing, and so it’s interesting to see how so many people took to it as some sort of ‘how to live awesomely’ manual. 

Wilhelm Schubert van Ehrenberg & Charles Emmanuel Bise - Interior of an Imaginary Picture Gallery - 1666

oil on canvas, 142.5 × 237 cm (56.1 × 93.3 in)

Alte Pinakothek, Munich, Germany

The painters whose works are represented in the painting have signed their own works.
Wilhelm Schubert van Ehrenberg painted the architecture and the ceiling with copies of works by Rubens and Charles Emmanuel Biset likely painted the staffage.

As was the custom in Antwerp in the 17th century Biset regularly collaborated with other painters who were specialists in a particular genre. Collaborations with the landscape painters Philips Augustijn Immenraet and Cornelis Huysmans and the architecture painter Wilhelm Schubert van Ehrenberg are recorded.

Wilhelm Schubert van Ehrenberg or Willem Schubart van Ehrenberg (also: Wilhem Schubert von Ehrenberg or Wilhem Schubert van Ehrenberg (Antwerp, 1630 or 1637– Antwerp, c. 1676) was a Flemish painter mainly active in Antwerp who specialized in architectural paintings including of real and imaginary church interiors, Renaissance palaces and picture galleries.

Charles Emmanuel Biset or Karel Emmanuel Biset (born in Mechelen, 1633 – died between 28 September 1693 and 1713) was a Flemish painter who had a peripatetic career working in various cities and countries including his hometown Mechelen, Paris, Annonay, Brussels, Antwerp and Breda. He worked in many genres including genre scenes of interiors with merry companies and gallery paintings, history painting, still life and portraiture.

Les eaux-fortes de Goya sont d’une alerte incroyable, d’un sabrage fou, mais elles ne suscitent pas une idée complète de cette peinture turbulente et féroce, de ce mors aux dents du dessin, de ce délire d’impressionniste pétrissant à pleins poings la vie, de ce cri furieux, de ce cabrement exaspéré de l’art.

Joris-Karl Huysmans, Goya et Turner

Empiezo por lo más grave, le quito el amor

Tras la tormenta llega la calma, pero para el ex enfant terrible Michel Houellebecq esta calma pareciera ser la misma tormenta. Ahora va a todos lados con guardaespaldas. Gonzalo Garcés lo entrevistó para el diario El País a propósito de la publicación de Sumisión que saldrá pronto por Anagrama.

Foto:  Philippe Matsas

Pregunta. Sumisión es una sorpresa para sus lectores. Aunque la inquietud religiosa aparece en todo lo que ha escrito, es la primera vez que describe a un personaje que busca una fe y que, además, la encuentra. ¿Cómo se le ocurrió esta historia?
Respuesta. Jugó un papel el hecho de que mi protagonista, François, sea un profesor experto en Huysmans; en su obra, esa búsqueda que menciona juega un papel crucial. Huysmans tiene novelas enteras dedicadas a su relación con el catolicismo. Ahí tenemos el caso de una conversión religiosa relatada en la ficción.

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