Harry and Hermione ALPHABETYULE BALL

"His eyes fell instead on the girl next to Krum. His jaw dropped.

It was Hermione.

[…] Harry couldn’t understand how he hadn’t spotted it before.”


Super-speedy sketches of my Camellia Cousland done in Sai.

I was doing rough sketchs in the top four and did a comparison of what she looked like at the beginning of Origins (left) to the Inquisition (right).

It’s been a rather rough decade.

My reasons for reading

Those moments where you are in the middle of a great book but it’s such a busy week so you don’t have the time to read it, but it’s constantly pulling at you. Calling you. Your emotionally tethered to it, you feel the want to be sucked into the novels universe so strongly that you feel it in your chest. You want to cancel and back out of all your plans so you can read it. But you also can’t stand to read it because you know it’s the last book of the series and you can’t finish it. You won’t. Because you don’t want it to end. Ever. It’s a part of you, those characters, their stories, their battles and their strife, live inside you for eternity. You hear their names in public and flash back to all those times they made you laugh and cry. But then you finish the book, and you slowly close the book in denial that it’s over; the pull to read it is gone. Your empty now. But then something replaces it… The need for more and that’s where fanfics come in. But that hunger it doesn’t go away, the images of their world swirl through your mind they haunt your dreams and the doodles on the sides of your paper. So you read the series again and again and notice little things the author left for you, hidden jewels and gems that you’d forgotten about but make you smile so big that you look like a dork and you fall in love all over again. That is why I read because of the journeys I get to experience not only the things the character goes through but what I go through in the process, the way each novel changes me, the way that I grow. It’s love and happiness and trouble that won’t ever betray you or exclude you, it will always be there to look back on with joy. - Emily Simpson