Harry and Hermione ALPHABETYULE BALL

"His eyes fell instead on the girl next to Krum. His jaw dropped.

It was Hermione.

[…] Harry couldn’t understand how he hadn’t spotted it before.”

I normally just do 10-20 mins walking on the treadmill at the end of lifting. But I actually ran today and holy shit my butt bounces up and down like an avalanche. That shit huuuuuuuurts.

anonymous said:

*causally walks by and pins a paper flower on the cowlick* Leave it there. Please. For one ask. Or two. Yes, two asks sounds nice.

Nooo get it off that huuuuuuuurts. ;n;

Confess M!anon 7/10

Gaming with our friends tonight. We have reached the climax of this continent and now it’s time to move on! 

I’m extremely tired this session because I just got my tongue re-repierced today and it huuuuuuuurts (pain makes me sleeeeeepy), but I’m doing my best to make it through because I want to get to the next continent before we quit tonight. 


My back is killing me so bad. Seriously it huuuuuuuurts. My shoulder is the main problem. I cannot get comfortable no matter where I sit at. My shoulder shoots pain down to my back, and then my lower back shoots pain upwards. :’(