Harry and Hermione ALPHABETYULE BALL

"His eyes fell instead on the girl next to Krum. His jaw dropped.

It was Hermione.

[…] Harry couldn’t understand how he hadn’t spotted it before.”


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          Fingers dug into fistfuls of hair, and the boy let out a
     low groan, almost as if he were in pain. This, granted,
     probably was the truth. On the other hand, Eric was
     probably disturbing the neighbors that happened to be
     sitting near him. “My back huuuuuuuurts,” he finally whined
     lowly. Guess who’s been sitting hunched over a book for
     a couple hours? 

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Everybody huuuuuuuurts! #ill #work #imsosore #brbdying

lamiamemoria said:

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                       You and I are the same.    We hope, we dream,
              we wish, we feel, the same. I close my eyes and feel
              you whispering inside me. When I look at the flowers
              outside my house I smile, and think of you.   I sense,
              adore  and   admire  you   in  every   possible   ways.
              For  you  hold  the      BEST      that  there  is  of  me.

I have three nose piercings so like I know what annoying things in your nose feels like but fuuuuuuu I have an effing zit or some shit growing right inside my left nostril and it huuuuuuuurts ohmygod no.