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1. Last tv show you watched?

I watched Charmed because I like shows from the 90’s don’t judge me.

2. Have you ever dropped your cell phone and broke it?

OH MAN yeah I have. I was talking to my mom and when I hung up it flew out of my hand and smashed on the concrete.

3. Do you drink water daily?

oh yes all day everyday.

4. Have you ever been overseas?

Yes! I’ve been to Portugal, Spain, Italy and Belgium! And hopefully more soon!

5. What are you studying?

International and Global Studies with a Minor in Spanish.

6. Do you really like what you’re studying?

Yes! It’s very interesting and I think it’s easily applicable to real world issues. It’s mostly about cultures and people anyway so that’s my favorite part.

7. Do you have a cat?

As of last Sunday, yes. His name is Dirtbike.


8. Do you enjoy online shopping?

Yes. I do it far too much. The last thing I bought online was a textbook though so that’s not too bad?

9. If you could discover what is in the depths of the ocean or a vast amount of outer space which would you choose and why?

Probably the depths on the ocean because sea creatures are so cool and the new ones they recently found look like aliens anyway. I like the ocean.

10. Favorite childhood cartoon?

Spongebob probably. I was pretty obsessed.

11. What do you like on your tacos?

I like lettuce and beans and cheese and salsa and avocado and tomatoes. Tacos are great. 

Here’s my questions!

1. What is your favorite color?

2. Favorite place to go eat?

3. If you could be any color what would you be?

4. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

5. What’s something you’re proud of?

6. Three songs you’ve been listening to?

7. Three famous people you’d want to meet?

8. Top three places you want to go?

9. If you could have three wishes what would they be?

10. What do you want to do when you’re older?

11. Favorite flavor of ice cream?