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Kelly Clarkson

Photo: Cooper Neill/Getty

Dates: July 11th-October 17th

Openers: Pentatonix, Eric Hutchinson

Why You Should Go: American Idol will soon be off the air, but its original champ continues to thrive. After releasing her third Number One album this February, Clarkson is headlining a 36-date summer tour, stopping at venues as storied as Radio City Music Hall and as big as L.A.’s Staples Center (with a cappella superstars Pentatonix along for the ride).

Tickets: $20-$170


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Progeria, Hutchinson Gilford Progeria Syndrome, or Progeria syndrome, is an extremely rare genetic disease wherein symptoms resembling aspects of aging are manifested at a very early age. The word progeria comes from the Greek words “pro” (πρό), meaning “before” or “premature”, and “gēras” (γῆρας), meaning “old age”. The disorder has a very low incident rate, occurring in an estimated 1 per 8 million live births. Those born with progeria typically live to their mid teens and early twenties. It is a genetic condition that occurs as a new mutation, and is rarely inherited. Although the term progeria applies strictly speaking to all diseases characterized by premature aging symptoms, and is often used as such, it is often applied specifically in reference to Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome (HGPS)…

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//songs michael should cover//

addicted - saving abel // iris - goo goo dolls // when it’s time - green day // all i ever wanted - the airborne toxic event // tell the world - eric hutchinson // like real people do - hozier // a daydream away - all time low // i love you - alex and sierra // home - phillip phillips // blue jeans - bastille // you are so beautiful - joe cocker // pour some sugar on me - def leppard  

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Literary agent Amy Boggs is not kidding when she expresses a passion for supporting diversity. Besides running a feature of diversity-related links and news bites on industry blog Pub Hub, Boggs consistently boosts and advocates on her Twitter and in her requests for new submissions.

“Diversity is reality,” stressed Boggs. “The prevalence of the solely straight, white, cis, neurotypical, typically-abled story is a lie, a hurtful one meant to promote bigotry and support an unequal status quo. So my impulse is to meet the lie with the truth.”

Boggs’ current client list reflects her ideals. Her foremost YA clients include Tom Pollock, Sheila A. Nielson, Shaun David Hutchinson and Paul Crilley.

“I love stories that stretch beyond the history and cultural definitions of our own world. Why limit our thinking to that of modern mainstream US media?”

She chiefly represents sci-fi and fantasy, though she can be charmed into representing unique contemporaries like Hutchinson’s The Five Stages of Andrew Brawley.

“It’s about a boy secretly living in a hospital and a boy who was set on fire by bullies helping each other escape the grief and guilt that bind them, interspersed with pages from a comic one of them is working on. It’s so heartfelt and makes everyone cry and I love it.”

Learn more about literary agent Amy Boggs on YA Interrobang.