Ha! Hi guys! Long time no update for me eh? Hahaha. As always you know the reason thought it’s quite different and more hectic. Last week we had the culmination of our Buwan ng Wika which I forgot to take photos because I didn’t bring my phone or any other things to take pictures ahahha. Second, Municipal. Yep last weekend. Third, this week were having our Sports Fest in our school and our Litmus aka Literary Musical Contest. So because of these schedules we had lots of trouble in practicing what we should do just to represent our Section. 

Anyways let’s start this is probably another Life Lately. Hahaha. 

  • I get to see the sunsets a little more often nowadays if not I’ll probably look back to my old sunset pictures because, just looking at the sunset alone it’s very relaxing. So yeah. Hahaha.
  • I made a TRXYE edit, a little appreciation to Troye Sivan’s new songs/ EP. I’m so proud of him he did such a great job and I will support him even though I’m not a hardcore fan of him but he’s such a cutie! Hahaha. ( No. I’ll remain loyal to my bias. Hahaha)
  • Gold, well he’s finally out of his shell. And he showed us his true form. What’s his true form? The playful, loud, and always such a cutie pie. Hahaha. He’s been pampered by my sister specifically. You can tell that she really love home because, she’s been buying him stuff like leash, toys, foods, and other cool things.
  • I took this shot on the way home. I really don’t know what’s the point of this but I really like it. I like green a lot and nature and just taking pictures so I think it makes sense lol. I don’t really know.
  • Dance practices are so hard. This dance that were currently practicing is harder than any other it’s because we didn’t get a trainer. We worked hard for it and we just got dance moves online or just our own ideas. And currently we finished remixing our songs and all we have to do is to finalize the places and to master the steps. 
  • A little bonding time with one of my closest friend which I infected the “EXOfection” I call it. Hahaha. She’s been studying about EXO and studying about the difference between each members and I asked her who is this member blah blah blah. And I took this while she;s studying about them and she said to blur her face out because she said she looked epic.
  • A little reminder from one of the happy virus in EXO the one and only Park Chanyeol! Awwe, he’s sweet. 
  • Pink lemonade and a good book = very relaxing. :))
  • Nothing can go wrong when you get home and a pizza box is waiting for you. Really nothing can definitely go wrong. 

That’s it! To sum up everything that I have done when I haven’t updated this blog was practice our dance and make dance steps/moves. And remixed our song. Very stressing and next week we’ll have our 2nd Unit Examination. Very hectic. I should go now so babye! Thanks for reading. I’ll see you in my next blog post! Love you!! xx