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hello, i need more hide and kaneki fics please? the happy, nothing bad happens AU ones? i don't care if it's otp or brotp. I just need more hide, kaneki and happiness in the same picture :')

A/N: *rises from the dead and kicks down the door* I HEARD YOU WERE LOOKING FOR ME.
Summary: Kaneki and Hide adopt what they believe to be a normal puppy. Based on the one tumblr post about the shepherd/husky mixes, wink wink

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Ah! I forgot to reply to these so::

deltoboso :: confirmed. He is magic. A white husky with bright blue eyes. SOcute. He’s super smart too im so proud of how quickly hes learning things. :’)

fleshwater :: (oops i rambled)

omg thats the worst. I get so SO upset at anything that is bad for animals. It makes me anxious most of the time just from meeting certain owners so i get put on edge even if I dont know if or to what extent things are bad. Animal abuse just. Riles me up. HOW DARE tbh.
Ive been wanting to adopt so many animals ive come across or that have been offered because i want to give them a forever home and a happier life… But im in no position to take in every animal i wish I could, not on my own. Ive been SO lucky and SO happy that I was able to rescue this pup by convincing my dad and luckily he was compassionate enough and charmed enough that he agreed and im so happy. Because i know that if it didnt get sold or given away he wouldve been released to die on its own or given to a kill-shelter. Ugh.
luckily where I am there are actually a fair amount of shelters but not all of them are no-kill (so pretty much in kill-shelters all injured and old dogs will get put down and those are the ones that… Need so much love) and the shelters we DO have will fill up fairly quickly, especially the ASPCA. I just have a lot of feelings about animal treatment and love. Ahhhhh.

URGENT!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP US FIND MYA!! She was STOLEN out of my Aunt’s front yard tonight while attached to her long leash where she is always hanging out while they work in the garage etc… Mya isn’t just a dog, she’s like a cousin to me… And Little Bear’s best friend!! She is microchipped and should still be wearing her collar, they have contacted the police. Beautiful furry Black and White Husky with Blue eyes. If you know anything or have seen anything, call or text 805-701-1688 RIGHT AWAY! WE HAVE TO FIND HER!!! #missingdog #stolendog #husky #furfamily #weneedherback #helpfindmya

PLEASE REPOST!! (especially if you live in Ventura County!)