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I'm so glad to see Jill Trent getting much-deserved attention. I'd submit for the anthology but I don't tend to do test pages anymore and I have other projects that need attention. But I hope it will expose many to the wonderfulness that is Jill Trent, Science Sleuth! It's amazing how many of her inventions later came to become actual things in the world.

Thanks so much for writing. I hope so, too! Lady scientists are awesome.

I’m actually working on a list of Jill Trent’s inventions, to be published in the near future!

(We’re making a new comic about Jill Trent, Science Sleuth! Call for submissions is here!)

{Message Recieved}
Readout: I-
Readout: I thank you for your kind message.
Readout: However, I believe that your request would become inconvenient for both of us…
Readout: Perhaps a single short one instead?

{Message Received}
Readout: Certainly! 
Readout: I am happy to be of service.

{Message Received}
Readout: A…
Readout: ‘Weird catperson’?
Readout: I have neither encountered nor read about a being matching that description.
Readout: …
Readout: I would be happy to comply with your request. 
Readout: And may I perhaps request a biological scan for data collection purposes?


Bad Fanfiction Theater fanart. 

1. Root Her (with Hushicho, Klebkatt and a dinosaur)

2. My Inner Life (with Klebkatt, Hushicho, Hawkeye, and TrueBlueFuse on the side there strumming his guitar)

3. Bella Swan: Pregnant and Furious (with ninja Hushicho, zombie Hawkeye, devil TrueBlueFuse, and pirate Klebkatt)

4. Asch’s Big Adventur (with Hawkeye, Klebkatt, pokecharacters and Celbay)

I hope you like them hushicho and klebkatt!

Today’s special sketch is Prince Galaxy!

This is one I just got on a name prompt, so all of his appearance was entirely from my own imagination.

He wears bracelets that can bring forth a tremendous galactic power once per day if he brings them together. His belt and tiara are made of the same stellar gold metal, which is amongst the most precious in the universe.

He carries a laser rapier with him.

The secret colour of his family is a shade of cobalt blue, a blue-purple that is embodied in a special jewel that is exceedingly rare. Prince Galaxy wears two such jewels: one in his tiara, and one in the planet shape that is his symbol, as an earring in his right ear. His left ear has a star-shaped earring made of stellar gold.

He also wears a codpiece with his tights, though this is rarely seen; it bears the same planet symbol as on the shirt he wears under his tunic. His tights also have a star on the front of each hip.

Prince Galaxy strives to stop his foes from evil acts and protect the good and those who cannot help themselves.

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Ink Claw sounds very exciting. The only thing that concerns me, as it tends to do with all such sites, is that so often they completely disregard or even shut out anything remotely 'adult' in nature, making artists like me effectively second-class in treatment. I ask that you please remember that there are many of us who work with mature and adult-oriented work.

Oh my, I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to keep up on this. Yes that was one of the reasons I was actually interested in starting inkclaw. There’s really not much in options for people to sell and buy adult artwork or artwork with mature themes. 

Unfortunately due to my poor health and financial issues, Inkclaw has suffered some setbacks. That and now with the EU charging VAT for people in Europe purchasing digital content (just look up the vatmess tag) it’s going to make it even harder to bring this to reality. 

hushicho said: I have no respect for creators that do that to characters and audiences. To me, it’s just cheap and lazy. But if we liked all the same thing, it’d be a pretty dull world anyway :)

I think it very much depends on the title. As much as I agree that simply killing off characters can be a cheap/lazy way to create drama or to avoid writing yourself into a corner, there are some genres and topics that benefit from it.

The best example being the zombie genre. Personally, I’ve always been of the belief that zombie stories are made poorer when there are survivors. Then again, to me that genre is all about inevitable defeat and surviving as long as you can - the horror is in the inevitability of that slowly approaching doom, but more so in human nature and the actions that your fellow humans take in order to save themselves or uphold their own superstitions.

In that respect Attack on Titan is very much a zombie series - albeit giant humanoid monsters that devour humans rather than the undead. They do seem to fall into certain zombie tropes though.