Do not discriminate against trans* people

Do not discriminate against cis people

Do not discriminate against gay, straight, asexual or any person inbetween

Do not discriminate against a different race, religion or skin color

Do not discriminate against anyone 

Just to be nice...

I don’t mind you quoting me. But I do mind it out of context or without permission. You can ask me if you want to repost something, but as a text post. You can reblog something, but don’t just take my words and put them in a text post because Tumblr won’t give me a notification and you think I won’t notice. It’s rude, disrespectful, and frankly, immature.

I’ve asked the offenders to take down said posts, but I certainly hope it doesn’t happen again.

Good night!


and fyi the different kinds of panic attacks range from person to person too some just have a hard time breathing others could cause them to scream to release some pressure some even throw up but you cant really dictate a persons feelings and what qualifies as something for you to give a shit about if a person is upset whoa!!! theyre upset and you are a total fucking piece of shit if you think you can pass it off as them overreacting or faking it fuck you

why are all the komaeda genderbends so hypersexualized and she suddenly has a fashion sense like he wears shoes with 2 fucking zippers on it she would not be wearing booty shorts and high heeled boots what the fuck

one time when i was 11 i won a subscribe pillow because i commented on a shitty parody video at least a thousand times and i felt so fucking accomplished because i won this shitty little pillow from this shitty fucking video i literally have no idea what kinda shit i was on but i did not sleep for 3 days because i wanted to win it so bad

Okay lets take in account all the things WTFSJ (and her followers) have said to/about me 

WTFSJ has :

Told me to get over myself

Told me to “Harden the fuck up” (Rather than her not being a flaming bag of shit)

Called me ugly

Called me an “It” (rather than my prefered pronouns) 

Made fun of my chronic panic attacks 

She insists she’s more mature than me and that I’m just some pathetic 15 year old when she’s only 4 years older than me

When I corrected her saying I wasnt otherkin she said “Bitch don’t kill my vibe” as if all she cares about is making fun of people (Which is very true actually)

People insist on calling me and my friends retarded for standing up against her

Some of her followers call me and one of my friends faggots while another claims they “raped them through the internet”

and yet people still insist on taking these people seriously and actually agreeing with them and their morphed views of social justice

humans can be such disgusting creatures

the best thing about being a teenager is that if you go up to someone and tell them you just slaughtered 3 children and their parents they literally will not pay you any mind and probably laugh it off saying “sure you did” what im saying is get away with murder while you can

eren isnt “angry baby”

mikasa isnt “stalker”

armin isnt “useless” or a “shota”

connie and sasha aren’t comic relief

levi isnt “sassy”

hanji isn’t “crazy” 

do i honestly need to fucking go on with this shit