Happy Summer Music festival weekend!

I’m not at any of them, but feel pretty well rep’d.

Becky C is at Oshega, seeing Beck today(not Glenn), Hurcomb is battling weather and disorganization at ‘Ontario’s best music festival’ in Bowmanville and Erin V is feeding back from the big(?) electronic music fest in Toronto…and Lolla in Chicago…that’s where my heart is.

I’m a wee bit punchy about not being at any of those, but I’m going to try to roll a clean living long weekend.*

Besides…there’s a couple of music trips in the pipe that I’m pretty excited about. And a west coast trip with the chance to catch up with my buddy Mark and his beautiful bride Julie.

Welcome to August(!) everyone. Feels more like the start of summer then the middle.

I like that.

*already failed.

I checked out michaelhurcomb's site (

This awesome shot of USS is featured in his Portrait page and he is also behind the Bandwagon series of car interviews with musicians (Youtube: Bandwagon with USS). They played N/A OK and also told jokes (including the one about the scarecrow). Watch after the credits for more “Clean Jokes with Ash”.