This week, Britain moved closer to a ban on abortion on grounds of gender after MPs backed a move to fast-track the prohibition onto the statute book. The Telegraph reports that more than 70 MPs, “spanning the main parties, have put their names to an amendment to the Government’s Serious Crime Bill clarifying Britain’s abortion laws to exclude termination on grounds of the unborn baby’s sex”. “The possibility of sex selective abortion in the UK was exposed in a Daily Telegraph investigation in which two doctors were filmed agreeing to terminations because the unborn babies were girls. ” After the British Department of Health refused to take action, Aisling Hupert, a member of Abort 67, instructed solicitors to bring a landmark legal case and on

Lol I only have one picture from this entire week >_<

Monday, November 10. Woke up early to do some OR project stuff, two hour meeting with prof Jackson and dr hupert!!! They’re both successful omg. Learned about a lot of the bigger picture with the anthrax stuff. Second person I met who got an offer from McKinsey and he reminds me so much of my mentor from the SEC. Both same personality and even glasses! Went to stats class but the prof never came haha. Stats discussion. Finished up stats homework. Went home with the intention of napping but just cooked the whole time..made mashed potatoes and green beans lol so ready for thanksgiving! Then CSA eb, a hour of odds and ends, and CSA vball! So fun. We’re getting better but still a loss. Oh welll. I had this super awesome hit ahhh I need to be more confident with my ability to hit. Chilled there for a longgg time. After I got home I really didn’t feel like doing anything so I went to sleep even though I had a pset due at 11am that I didn’t start at all

Tuesday, November 11. Woke up at 6:30am to do my pset loll. Finished and turned in by 10:50 thank goodness! It really shouldn’t have taken me 4 hours to do but messed up a lot on this one question and when you mess up the simplex method it doesn’t terminate looool fudgecicles. Time for shower then class! Jk didn’t go to class cause had to write marketing paper. In marketing we watched 5 Oreo commercials…then Eric went to 7-11 after class to buy Oreos. LOL. Smh

Wednesday, November 12. Jess’s bday. No stats class again but finishing up accounting homework. I feel much better about that class now! Pretty feverish all day. Decided to go play vball to see if it’d make me feel better…not really but still fun.

Thursday, November 13. Class. Watched arrow during class lol. Worked on OR project for a bit Starbucks is such a nice place to work! Second snow today. Accenture meet and greet. Laura’s fellowship. Came home to read Accenture stuff and watch arrow at the same time