hunting party

alfa-limalimon, I saw this and thought of you.

Hunting Party || Bao & Nilza ||

The sun hung low in the west, giving just enough light for Bao’s tall frame to cast a shadow twice as long as he actually was. He walked down the sidewalk, avoiding the debris left behind by the many humans crammed together in this city. He watched the lines of his shadow ripple against the many cars, bins and posts along the street. He took a deep breath through his nose, following a strand of the woman’s scent. It was harder retracing his steps as a person- there was no clamoring over rooftops, unseen and unheard. But he wanted her to see him as a man- and this time fully clothed. His fingers fiddled with string and loose change in the pockets of his green military style jacket. He checked his black cotton shirt and designer jeans for wrinkles; finding none he studied the crammed buildings that made up her street. 


He needed a name. 

Finally the scent grew strongest, and he knew he was there. He looked up at her home- kind of a cute place really. It stood apart from the rest of the block. While being surrounded by bland cookie cutter apartment buildings, this sweet little cottage-like home set a pleasant softness to the crude atmosphere. 

He walked up the old steps, annoyed instantly with the creaking. He jumped the rest, making an even louder creak. He rolled his eyes. So much for a quiet entrance. 

Instead of knocking on the door Bao walked to the left and leaned into an open window. 

“Hello? Where’s my hunting guide?" 

Hunting Party || The Smiths

Damon crouched down trying to stay out of sight. He was keeping Vincent in sight, but had to stay out of view if this plan was going to work. They wanted a hybrid and what better place to pick one up then where Damon almost had his life stripped from him by the very thing they were hunting. He had positioned himself on a rooftop in the shadows as he waited for his brother to draw one in.