Like cats? Lasers? You’ll probably really enjoy Laser Cat, a project by Hungry Castle, that projects art from a cat’s eyes on to buildings, walls, and maybe the moon.

Based in Barcelona, the collaborative of Dave Glass and Kill Cooper spoke at our Barcelona chapters for February’s theme month of Rebel.

Find more about the event and stay tuned for the video to be uploaded here.


Hungry Castle bring us Cool Shit!

This series of gifs is to celebrate the latest style offering from creative house HUNGRY CASTLE.

Based in Barcelona, Hungry Castle is the creative studio featuring Dave Glass and Kill Cooper that specialize in creating public art and fashion which they call Cool Shit. Their art inspires the fashion but it’s the fashion that funds their art. Therefore to purchase a Cool Shit Cap is to patron a Cool Shit Project.

To be honest, it is pretty cool shit… Go take a look for yourself:

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