By Stephanie Nebehay

GENEVA (Reuters) - The United Nations will have to slash food rations to four million Syrians by 40 percent in October due to a shortage of funds, despite better access to areas in need, a senior U.N. aid official said on Wednesday.

John Ging, director of operations at the U.N. Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, said in an interview that the “break in the pipeline” means greater hunger as a fourth winter of the Syrian civil war sets in.

A record 4.1 million people in Syria received rations in August as more convoys were able to cross front lines and borders from Turkey and Jordan, the U.N.’s World Food Programme (WFP) said this month.

"In October, WFP will be able to deliver 60 percent of what they have been delivering. In November it will be down to 40 percent," Ging told Reuters in Geneva after attending an unannounced meeting on humanitarian aid to Syria.

"It is because the money is not coming in. This is devastating news for people who are aid-dependent," he said.

A WFP official told the closed-door talks that in November the food basket for Syrians could shrink to 825 calories, well under half the daily recommended intake, diplomats said.

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My aunt and her female friend managed a small restaurant, in The Hague. Could hardly stop the German soldiers from patronising the facility. (Makes me think of “Hogan’s Heroes”.) When the war was over I believe her head was shaved to. (I was born in Gouda, Netherlands, 1943. Too young to remember what happened but certainly know the stories of the ‘Hunger Winter’ etc.. – As do my…

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“After all, there are things so much worse than death.”

Joffrey Firestone • 38 • Court Member/Financial Advisor • Naveen Andrews • Jafar

Joffrey’s History

From a young age Joffrey knew he was destined for greatness. He grew up believing that there was more to life than wondering if he was going to survive another day. Joffrey grew up on the poorest part of a big city in the Middle East. His mother did her best trying to provide for him and his sister, but it was not enough, they suffered through poverty and experienced hunger. One cold winter cost him his mother and sister; they were both too weak to survive and succumbed to the cold and sickness. He bowed that he would not let poverty defeat him, he promised himself that he would survive, that he would become someone powerful and would never have to worry about not having enough.

The expression ‘by any means necessary’ could perfectly describe Joffrey, because that’s exactly how he ended up in the life of the leader of the biggest oil empire in the Middle East. Mr. Agrabah saw in Joffrey the answer to his lack of a male heir, he was instantly charmed by the fine young man with an impressive ability for finances and extensive knowledge in economics. Not only was Joffrey to take over the company, but also he was to marry Mr. Agrabah only daughter, there was a bit of an age gap, but since Joffrey only care for power and money he was more than glad to marry the girl if it meant securing his future. But there are times when even the most carefully thought plans had their flaws, and this one hadn’t taken into consideration the girl’s determination. His almost bride had ran away and suddenly Mr. Agrabah recovered his energy, he insisted in running his own company while he waited for his daughter to come back, he offered Joffrey a position in the company, but he was not going to be the one in power. And so Joffrey’s new journey began, he left the city in search for what has been denied to him, money and power.

That’s how he stumbled into Ever After, he presented himself as a financial advisor, and because the city’s economy was crumbling down, but more importantly, the crown was suffering extensive expenses, the Queen decided to employ him. There was an air of sophistication and regalness to Joffrey, it wasn’t hard to convince some of the higher members of court that he was of royal descent, a Middle Eastern prince who had decided to make a name of it own. And soon he was accepted into court, for everyone thought it would be wise to have international partnerships. He spend his life wishing he had been born as someone else, and now he actually gotten his wish, he started a new life, a new lie.

Joffrey’s Personality

Deceptive and dishonest not even begin to describe Joffrey, as he has presented himself as of royal blood he often behaves as conceited and snobby. He doesn’t care about what people think of him as long as its not the ones that matter, but in order to remain in court and hold his royal job, he has to impress the people that agree with his views. He has made powerful friends; those who enjoy being cruel and watching people suffer. He sometimes can present himself as suave and has a talent for smooth talking, the kind of abilities you need to survive in court. He wears a well-constructed mask that hides just how much of a damaged man he is, sometimes he would slip, letting the world catch a glimpse of just how psychotic he can actually be. His past remains a mystery, he always manages to dodge the questions, the less he talk about it the less chance he will messed up and get himself in trouble. Not only is he playing a dangerous game bye lying about his true origin, he is going up against professionals.

Joffrey’s Present

Joffrey remains a consultant for some the big companies such as Mendel Inc. and Rockwell Enterprises. He is also an advisor for the owner of the bank and sometimes for the royal treasurer. But he most of the time he just enjoy being part of the court, spending time with important people, making connections, building up his reputation.

Every day it becomes easier to keep up the lie, he grows more confident and at times he actually forgets that he is not the royal heir of a Middle Eastern kingdom, he is starting to believe his own lie. But as he loses grasp of reality the potential of being discovered also increases, because now he speaks freely, because sometimes he talks too much. After all a good lie is only good because one knows it must be kept, it must be groomed and polished. He might be getting in too deep, and as he wishes for more power, money and control over people, his ambition might very well end being his downfall.

 This character is, open.

Dutch women and children illegally gather firewood and kindling wherever they can find it during the Hunger Winter (Dutch: Hongerwinter). After the national railways complied with the exiled Dutch government’s appeal for a railway strike starting September 1944 to further the Allied liberation efforts, the German administration in occupied Netherlands retaliated by placing an embargo on all food transports to the western Netherlands. A German blockade cut off food and fuel shipments from farm areas and by the time the embargo was partially lifted in early November 1944, allowing restricted food transports over water, the unusually early and harsh winter had already set in. The canals froze over and became impassable for barges. Some 4.5 million Dutch civilians were affected and approximately 22,000 died because of the famine. The Hague, South Holland, Netherlands. November 1944. Image taken by Menno Huizinga.

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Recipe for tulip-bulb puree

Mimeographed recipes for puree, mash, biscuits, and cake made from tulip bulbs. During the ‘hunger winter’ the Bijenkorf department store handed out recipes to their personnel, and in the lunchroom guests found tulip bulbs on the menu.

Hunger winter

During the winter of 1944-1945 the situation in Amsterdam was miserable. In December the temperature dropped below freezing and the cold spell lasted for months. In the rural areas there was still some food to be had. But as a result of the railway strike, the food embargo which followed, and the attacks on trucks and river-vessels (by Allied troops), food reached the city only in small quantities, if at all. Many Amsterdammers took the initiative and foraged for food on their own.

Sugar beets and tulip bulbs

Famine was rife in the city and there were many deaths. People ate tulip bulbs and sugar beets out of sheer necessity. Nothing was being exported and growers began selling their bulbs as food. According to doctors, flower bulbs were high in starch, and the Voedingsraad (nutrition council) provided the recipes.

The Bijenkorf

The department store must have been a depressing sight in those days. The entire stock of woolen blankets had been confiscated in December 1941 for Hitler’s Russian campaign, and supplies of other staple articles were also exhausted. There was no heating or lighting, and the interior was cold and dark. The lunchroom did do a lively business, since people could save on ration coupons by eating out. And the kitchen staff managed to make edible dishes out of bulbs. Recipes for ‘tulip-bulb puree’ were distributed among the Bijenkorf employees, and the more enterprising among them succeeded in bringing food in from outside the city. Everything was taken down to the cellar, where they even managed to slaughter a horse! The sausages were distributed among the personnel.

Hunger Winter by Katrina Vandenberg

In the end, the ones who live

do so on a rationed piece

of bread, a potato, and one

sugar beet a day. They thicken

their broth with newspaper, butcher

the cat. An old woman queues

in her patched shoes

all afternoon for seed potatoes

and tulip bulbs broken

from the frozen ground. At home,

she slices them for hutspot,

the bulbs like shallots, the crackle

of their papery skins answering

the questions of the stove fire

that burns an empty cupboard.

That night for dinner

the woman swallows the spring,

which tastes like sweetened

chestnuts. Eighteen thousand

of the Dutch will die that winter,

including the woman. The bulbs

and seed potatoes will be 

among the last to go: the hope,

the strength to wait for the weather

to turn. This time when the bulbs

enter the familiar belly

of the dark, they will not rise

when the sun calls their names.

They will not nod yes

in the fields of Lisse

where the old woman bicycled

with a boy in April, long ago.