I’m not sure where to start with this post, so I’ll just put the basics and let the rest fall into place.

I moved to New York from Virginia about 7 months ago without much more than a few hundred dollars to my name and enough clothes to last a few weeks. My main goal was to survive, but I figured anything was better than the reality I was living where I was before.

I’ve worked my ass off. Odd jobs here and there. Temporary. Part-time work. Everything. Just to get to where I am today. I have been scammed, followed, threatened, sexually assaulted you name it - all along the way. I didn’t need medication. I was invincible. Doing everything my alcoholic, abusive mother told me I’d never be able to do.

Unfortunately, being resilient can wear off after a while. My health took a dive and my depression and anxiety took over. I was exhausted every day, not knowing that I hovered near deadly iron levels. I simply thought it was my body’s response to being dragged around the city all the time. Flash forward through months of scraping it by and and I’m looking over the side of the George Washington Bridge because I can’t do it anymore. I just can’t.

That was a month ago yesterday, after spending all of May in an inpatient mental illness facility in Westchester, NY. I just got out of what was probably the most trying time (physically and emotionally) in my life. I had to come to terms with this hard truth while I was there: I need to learn to ask for help.

So that’s what I’m doing now. Before I was transported to that hospital, I was due to pay my rent on a new sublet that I’d moved into, but I obviously didn’t get to that day. A month of not working and medical expenses on top of that and I’m sitting on top of a heap of angry roommates and medications that need to be bought and filled regularly and roughly $11 at the moment.

At this point in time I can’t be homeless AND aggressively working on my my mental illness (I’ll be attending partial hospitalization programs for the next two weeks). My life is drastically different on a mental standpoint, but it still needs help. I still need help. It will be an ongoing battle until I’m back on my feet again and now spending my last few dollars on “an outfit to die in” like I did that day.

I am incredibly grateful to have succumbed to getting the help I knew I needed, but it is only the beginning. The people I met while hospitalized will change my life forever (Alesia - whom I’ve admired for some time for similar struggles- and her father showed me an amount of kindness I had yet to experience in my life), but at this point I am still a family of 1. I am estranged from all of my family (as many of them are from each other) and had no friends in NYC until I started my hospitalization.

Until I can snag a job, I need to get started on paying my rent, paying for my meds, and transportation to/from the partial hospitalization program and hematologist appointments I have. If you are willing to help, you can do so here via PayPal . The email is

I’d also love some words of encouragement. I’ve spent so long doing everything by myself, that I forget that other people are out there.

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haha comedic value has to be throwing hundreds of dollars worth of school supplies into a tub full of water

there’s no way this is just stupid decision making and the exact opposite of funny

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what's with dudes insisting that their amps gotta be tube and then turning around and spending multiple hundreds of dollars on transistor-based clipping circuits

It’s called gain staging you fucking philistine


nos odia

we cut for it
kill for it
sweat for it

we lie and cheat

we divide and subtract
our dignity
for it

we multiply
our sin for it

we roll our morality
in rubber bands and toss it
in black bags
for it

we hide our secrets
under bed
for it
we pull triggers
to heads
for it
we stab metal
into backs
for it

dinero hates us
and we hate for it
and we hate ourselves
and we hate each
other for

But I still want
my palms dirty
and full of it
so stuffed in
my room my skin
of it

so stuck in my pores
my sweat stinks
like 100 hundred dollar dreams

My palms hunger to hold
the historical
death, life
and success
of it

I want my huellas
to touch each hand
that held this stack
of poison path

So I can love my familia
fly them away
to every vacation
they deserve
in Cabo, Machu Pichu
and Nueva York.
So I can rip away
the doctor
that grips their ankles
down the swamp of debt.
So I can wipe  
the stress
stuck in their heads.

No mas pleitos
over who grinds more
and who never
brings enough
no more 60 hour work weeks
no more pain cutting
in your back
no more hunger in Santiago
no more fighting over
who is paying
the next bill

Y en el mandado
no more
“deja eso”
ahora nos llevamos todo
the glutten free shit
the non gmo shit
the no preservatives
pure organic type shit.

Esto si
es vivir

Dinero lo quiero
para chingar la frontera
cien coyotes pagados
mi familia para este lado.

Quiero este dinero
sucio en mis dedos
para pagar los sueños
de los dreamers
para arreglar
cualquier papel chueqo.


No more llantos
yo te pago
un sueño
para ser abogada
para ser consulado
para ser maestra
para ser enfermero
para aprender el

A la chingada
con la friega
fuck the patrón
abusing my family’s back
fuck the patrón
making robots
of their hearts.

With this dinero
I will help my loved ones rise
like the monuments
they truly are
never meant to serve
the rich and be slaves
to any CEO
or eat poison from the earth
or be labeled illegal.

reaching  el cielo
making it impossible
for any cabron to look down
on them.

—  “Dinero” by Eric Eztli (

I can’t believe my mom doesn’t want to go to Nashville anymore 😔 I saved up hundreds of dollars and bought tickets and worked so hard and now it’s not going to happen


Long day.

My car’s alternator gave out today. Meaning? I cannot start it. Nothing electronic will work. And that’s not all. When it gave out, it blew a fuse in the process. And the “new” alternator I had bought 1 week ago? It was faulty. So I have to take that back, get my money back, and who knows what else. 

I’m just… RRRRRRGH! 




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for impulse anon: you really gotta watch out for these things and be conscious of what youre doing. i accidentally ended up spending £1000 of savings in 2 months because i didnt realise i was impulse-buying, and looking back now i should have realised how much i was spending on stuff i didnt need

yeah same i wound up spoiling my Favorite Person and i realized i spent like…..a couple hundred dollars on them in about a month because i was so impulsive about it

MFWP Survey: Would you like us to add more themed rankings with more presents?

Me: You mean more rankings that only Gwen, Jill, or someone else who drops hundreds of dollars into this game a month will get? Hell no.

I went with same daily mission but with better prize. At least I know I can get that. -_-