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i don't want to be too much of a bother but i swear that at some point you made a post of potential male native fcs, and i've been combing through your blog trying to find it but i can't seem to and i'm wondering if i'm totally crazy skdjfns i was just wondering if you ever did or if i'm totally nuts here??

[ out of howls. ] omg you’re too cute ! yes, you’re absolutely right. i did, and i have, posted things like that several times. i tend to delete them after a few minutes for the simple fact t hat i get nervous about clogging the dash with out of character rants, posts, and things. seeing as i’m a relatively opinionated person, this sequence happens a lot. i’ve done this with girls —- too —- simply because i’m sick of people saying there ’ aren’t enough ’ native actors, models, or faces —- if you will. a lot of these guys don’t exactly have readily available icons. i had to make them. but for somebody to actually take the time to make these, shows incredible devotion to their character, and the accuracy of that character. i suppose i could list them right now ? i mean. i’m terrible at organizing things. i’ve had this blog for over a year and my tags tend to be inconsistent and - _ - ; i apologize ! here are a few that were mentioned.


rudy youngblood.

rick mora. ( who — coincidentally, also played ephraim black. )

michael hudson.

blair redford.

ryan cunningham.