There was a hummingbird in my living room all morning and it was too high to catch so I thought well it will get exhausted and come down eventually and I’ll help it then, but an hour or so later shayne cames over and we were hanging out in my room and maeby comes in with the bird in her mouth and we were like no no no :-( i mean im so proud of maeby but goddamnit, so she drops it and it appears to have a broken wing and there is what looks like blood around its neck and I knew immediately it wasnt going to make it so shayne and i stand there for like 15 minutes trying to figure out what to do but then this lil guy starts pulling it together a little bit and hes tucking his wings and trying to lift his head and i was like we have to get it outside its probably terrified in here BUT i am horrified of birds so i was like i cant do it shayne you have to pick him up, so i got her gardening gloves and she gets him in her hands and we bring him outside and he still looks really bad and im like one of us has to kill it i cant watch it suffer but i cant fucking kill an animal i just cannot do it even if i hate birds. so we just sit there watching it struggle but he looks like hes doing better than before so shayne is doing all this research on what to do. meanwhile there are ants everywhere so were trying to find a better place to put him so i get this box and fill it with dirt, leaves, flowers, and grass and we place him in there thinking at least he’ll have something to eat and be in a safe place away from ants and other things but he starts fluttering and and trying to get out of the box so we tip it over so he has an easy way out and when we tip it he goes airborne!!! and he managed to fly like 5 feet in the air and we are amazed!!!!! and we think maybe hes going to make it after all. so weve been with this bird for like 30 minutes and hes really poofy and looks uncomfortable and we learned that when they get poofy like that it means their cold and they need to be warmed up and we pick him up and move him into the sun and he immediately looks better and while were in the sun we see that what we thought was blood on his neck was just his coloration!!!! so he doesnt have any wound and he flew momentarily so his wing definitely isnt broken! so we figure hes probably in shock or just dead from exhaustion, so i get a lil bottle cap and fill it with sugar water and shayne and i are trying to feed the lil guy from a lil grass tunnel sort of thing and shayne puts it to his beak and he immediately starts gulping it down!!!! it was the cutest fucking shit ive ever seen he was so thirsty and his long tiny lil tongue was lapping up all the water and we were so fucking happy and the more sun and water he got the more attentive and alive he appeared. so every 5 minutes we gave him a lil more water and let him rest and soak up the sun and shayne picks him up with the glove again and he grips her finger really tightly like hes got his strength and energy back and he is refusing to let go!!! so we keep feeding him while hes sitting on her finger and im like i want him to have a steady place to stand in case he wants to take off or anything so shayne is lightly pushing him off her finger and he takes flight and flies straight into the sky and after like 10 attempts he gets so high and looks so happy and hes fluttering in the air and he poops and the goes very high up and lands in a palm free and starts chirping and shayne and i (i shit u not) break out in unison in a crying laughter. like we were about to kill this lil guy because we thought he had no chance but with a little time and love and effort he bounced right back and fuck man it was so beautiful my heart feels like its gonna float away its so full of happiness. i need to be a vet. i know it.


Hummingbird stops by for snacks


I went to my city’s museum today, since I was off work. This happened.