Bad Slam Dunk fans be like, “This crap didn’t have any emotion.”

Yeah, KnB lacked of emotion for you because you kept comparing it with Slam Dunk when there’s virtually nothing even similar between them except the fact that they play basketball, and the sport is even analyzed from very different aspects?

I liked Slam Dunk. I watched and read it. I also watched and read KnB and boy, if you weren’t excited with it, it definitely means you don’t like it and that your sorry ass just can’t accept that there is another basketball manga out there in the world.

Bad Slam Dunk fans just can’t accept that there can be another good basketball manga and I bet that the fact of KnB fandom being the largest and biggest in Japan in the last ten years must be really humilliating for them, if they need to bring all this shit up to spoil everyone’s fun.

People like that really piss me off.