Worthwhile investment of the century.

Like seriously, I’ve been getting pretty fed up with the spray bottles recently since I have a decent amount of creatures that need lots of misting and it takes forever to give Laur as good torrential downpour with the spray bottles. If you have tropical critters that need high humidity then you probably need a pressure sprayer because you don’t have the attention span to spend seven minutes of your time misting when you definitely could be doing better things like breeding virtual dragons. Fuck yeah.

Also like, the handle has a locking mech so you don’t even need to hold down anything to keep it misting. Worthwhile lazy investment.

Dar in Feb

In an instant
once you’ve left the sanctuary
of the well-conditioned suite,
humidity clings
to your skin, your clothes,
your mind
like a beggar, desperate
and emaciate —
Its only will to survive
surges in your veins,
its singular staple meal
the crisp sense of serenity
that leaves
in an instant
once you’ve crossed the threshold
into a world where you
are alone.